'Ant-Man' and 'Iron Man 3' Footage Lead Epic Marvel Comic-Con Panel

'Ant-Man' and 'Iron Man 3' Footage Lead Epic Marvel Comic-Con Panel

Jul 14, 2012

They definitely saved the best for last in Hall H today at San Diego Comic-Con, with Marvel throwing down several big announcements, including full titles for Thor 2 and Captain America 2, the official word that Guardians of the Galaxy would be arriving in theaters in August 2014, a test reel for Ant-Man and, last but certainly not least, a monster Iron Man 3 panel featuring more footage than anyone expected to see for a film still in production.

The Highlights

-- The panel began with a great video looking back at Marvel's other Hall H panels, intercut with footage from the films leading up to The Avengers. It ended with the words ... "Phase 2 begins now."

-- Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier are now the official titles for those sequels.

-- Edgar Wright was on hand to introduce a brief 3-5 minute piece of Ant-Man test footage featuring the character taking out two stock guards at the end of a hallway.

-- Guardians of the Galaxy will indeed arrive in theaters in August of 2014. Read more about the characters and potential film in our brand-new Guide to Guardians of the Galaxy.

-- Robert Downey Jr. came out dancing down the aisles of Hall H to Luther Vandross music with the Iron Man armor strapped to his arm. Check out some shoddy cellphone recording of it below, courtesy of Screencrush.

-- The Iron Man 3 panel featured Downey Jr., Don Cheadle, Kevin Feige, director Shane Black and Jon Favreau, returning as Happy Hogan, Stark's bodyguard.

-- They're preparing to shoot the final scenes of Iron Man 3 now.

-- Iron Man 3 premiered a good chunk of footage, including Stark playing around with his extremis armor while dancing to Run DMC's Christmas song. Then things get darker when we see helicopters take out Stark's home, destroying all his suits as Iron Man is pulled underwater -- his home falling on top of him.

The Footage

I met up with Mike Sampson and Jordan Hoffman from Screencrush to discuss our thoughts on the footage from both Ant-Man and Iron Man 3. Listen to that below ...


Great Quotes

-- The missus hates living with me when I'm playing Tony Stark -- RDJ

-- Happy Hogan, the things he says in this one, it's like Swingers at 40 -- Jon Favreau

-- The task was to make this the culmination of a trilogy -- Shane Black

-- To stay on top, you always have to hit the bottom -- Shane Black, referring to Tony Stark's arc in this film

-- I think every movie I'm going to do is going to become the third highest grossing film of all time -- RDJ

-- We'll have all these things happening, all working together and intersecting ... not like Spider-Man 3 -- Shane Black

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