'American Reunion' Red-Band Teaser Proves Old Jokes Still Work

'American Reunion' Red-Band Teaser Proves Old Jokes Still Work

Oct 13, 2011

Yesterday some photos hit from the upcoming American Pie sequel, American Reunion, and now today the red-band teaser has premiered over at MSN (watch it below). As expected, the teaser plays off one of the images from yesterday -- as Jim (Jason Biggs) decides to fiddle his diddle when his wife Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) goes to take a bath. So he breaks out the laptop porn, the lubed-up sock and then ... well, watch for yourself.

While the teaser doesn't give us a whole lot, it does remind us of what made the first American Pie so special. When that film told a joke, it didn't just stop there -- the joke evolved, and kept growing, eventually tacking on more and more laughs the audience didn't expect. Plus this teaser tells us everything we need to know about the film -- Jim is up to his old tricks, but now he's married -- and not only is he married, but he has a kid, too. There's certainly a ton of potential for his film since 10 years of space between these characters really opens up the field as far as storylines and jokes go. Knowing writer-directors Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg grew up with the original, watching it repeatedly, obsessing over the comedic artistry (there I said it) on display, really helps you feel a little more comfortable with this new one. Here's hoping the boys tap into what made the original so special and get one more great comedy out of his lot before we retire them for good.

Let us know what you think below (and keep in mind this is slightly NSFW) ...


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