'Akira' Remake Wants Kristen Stewart as its Female Lead

'Akira' Remake Wants Kristen Stewart as its Female Lead

Nov 15, 2011


Our good buddies Twitch Film must have a mole inside Warner Bros., because they've been breaking all kinds of news about their long-brewing live-action remake of the seminal Japanese anime Akira. They were the first to confirm that Garrett Hedlund, Helena Bonham Carter and Gary Oldman had all been offered roles in the Jaume Collet-Sera-directed film, and now they're reporting that the studio has now made a bid for Twilight star Kristen Stewart to play the female lead, Kei.

Of course, that doesn't mean that Stewart, or any of the others mentioned, are actually cast in the film, but it does mean that the studio is no longer looking at any other actors for these crucial roles in the film. So, assuming Stewart and company all accept their roles (Twitch, or anyone else, has yet to confirm that the respective actor's camps have accepted any of the offers), let's break down who all they will be playing.

Garrett Hedlund, Kaneda
The gang-leader who heads the charge on rescuing his best friend, Tetsuo (who has yet to be cast), from an experimental government program that is attempting to harness his newly-gained psychic powers.

Gary Oldman, The Colonel
The wisened and honorable old man in charge of the government program that develops the psychic powers of children
(called Espers). He's one of the only government characters who actually cares about the sanctity of the experiment and the lives of the kids.

Helena Bonham Carter, Lady Miyako
A former Esper who now leads a cult that wants to supress the psychic program and plays a pivotal part in fighting off the out-of-control Tetsuo.

Kristen Stewart, Kei
An anti-government revolutionary who serves as Kaneda's love interest as she helps him connect with the underground revolutionaries on his quest to save Tetsuo.

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