'300' Fans: Would You Have Passed Thomas Edison's Interview Process?

'300' Fans: Would You Have Passed Thomas Edison's Interview Process?

Feb 20, 2012


Mental Floss posted a list of fascinating interview questions that brilliant inventor Thomas Edison used to quiz hopefuls with that wanted to work with him. The test had 150 questions, which Edison tailored for the job each candidate was applying for. Only 35 out of 500 men quizzed passed the test, leaving Edison to snarkily conclude that, "Only 2% of the people think." Indeed, sir.
One question in particular caught our eye, leaving us to wonder how many action fans would have enough know-how to answer correctly. "Who was Leonidas?" Edison asked on his detailed exam. We suspect many a Frank Miller fanboy might answer, "Gerard Butler." Others may already know the character of King Leonidas from the film 300 — the leader who takes 300 spartans into battle against golden God-King Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro) — is based on a real-life military figure.
"The military king of ancient Sparta who heroically led a mere 300 men in the battle against massive Persian forces in the battle of Thermopylae," Mental Floss reminds us. 300's sequel Battle of Artemisia will also feature several historically inspired characters — including Themistocles, who will be played by Sullivan Stapleton (Animal Kingdom). Themistocles was a heroic Athenian general who led the navy to victory during the titular battle with the Persians. The real-life general also had somewhat of a dark side and was known to be a traitor. Hopefully Edison would be impressed with us including this factoid as a self-made bonus question/answer.
300 director Zack Snyder co-wrote Battle of Artemisia with collaborator Kurt Johnstad, and Noam Murro (Smart People) is directing the movie expected to hit theaters sometime next year. Jamie Blackley was the last actor rumored to be cast in the movie, so stay tuned here for updates as the studio continues to round out their players.

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