'28 Weeks Later' Director to Helm Disney's 'Sword in the Stone' Remake

'28 Weeks Later' Director to Helm Disney's 'Sword in the Stone' Remake

Jan 19, 2018

Even though audiences didn't turn up for last year's King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Disney is moving forward with its own take on the Medieval icon. In fact, it's a take they've done before, as the studio's project in development is a live-action remake of their 1963 animated feature The Sword in the Stone. Find out the latest, including news of who is directing the fantasy film, below. 

Who is directing the movie?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney has tapped Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, best known for helming the zombie movie sequel 28 Weeks Later and the 2011 horror fantasy Intruders. His hire is being seen as a hint of the studio's interest in a darker take on the story of young Arthur. 

But isn't the original a playful children's cartoon? 

That is true, and it's unlikely Disney would go full horror with one of these live-action remakes they're doing. The Sword in the Stone won't likely be any darker than Maleficent, last year's Beauty and the Beast or The Jungle Book, with which it shares a producer, Brigham Taylor.

What is the plot of the original?

Disney's official synopsis of their animated classic is as follows:

"Humor, spectacle and magic rule in Walt Disney's legendary classic tale The Sword In The Stone! Embark on an adventure-filled quest for an unlikely hero! According to legend, only someone with honor, decency and inner strength can claim the throne of England -- by pulling out the enchanted sword that lies locked in a massive stone. Many brave knights have tried, so it seems impossible that a young apprentice known as Wart could succeed. But with the guidance of the wizard Merlin, help from some hilarious friends and true strength of character, Wart just might become England's greatest king."

Who wrote the script for the remake? 

Bryan Cogman, a writer and producer for Game of Thrones, is adapting the previous feature, which itself was based loosely on T.H. White's novel of the same name, a part of the Once and Future King series.

Are we sure this will be a family film? 

Game of Thrones may be gritty, R-rated sword and sorcery stuff, but we're pretty certain that The Sword and the Stone will not be similarly geared towards adults, even though two major creatives involved have experience with scary undead creatures...

Hasn't Disney already done the gritty King Arthur thing anyway? 

Yes, in 2004, the studio released King Arthur, which also disappointed at the box office. 

And doesn't Disney also have another King Arthur movie in the works?

In addition to the Sword in the Stone remake, which involves the wizard character Merlin, Disney is indeed also developing The Merlin Saga, about the title character's own beginnings, with Ridley Scott potentially directing. 

Is The Sword in the Stone going to be huge anyway?

Of course it is. The animated original was a big hit, and so far Disney is on a phenomenal roll with their live-action remakes. Beauty and the Beast was the highest-grossing movie of last year until Star Wars arrived, and Maleficent, Cinderella, and The Jungle Book were among the top movies of 2014, 2015 and 2016, respectively.

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