'21 Jump Street' Directors Set for Part Two; Two Other Buddy-Cop Comedies Plan Sequels As Well

'21 Jump Street' Directors Set for Part Two; Two Other Buddy-Cop Comedies Plan Sequels As Well

Apr 24, 2013

Apparently today is Buddy-Cop Sequel Day, because we've got news of a trio of cop comedies all setting themselves up as franchises: 21 Jump Street, The Heat and Ride Along (shhh, no one tell Cop Out). The first one isn't a surprise, but if you're scratching your head about those last two it's probably because neither one has come out yet. That's not stopping their studios from putting sequels in the pipeline, though, but first, let's talk about the one that's most likely to happen first.

21 Jump Street 2 was confirmed a few days ago, but that news didn't come with much about what we could expect from the film or if the original team are involved. Collider spoke to Neal H. Moritz, the film's producer, however, and he shed some light on the project. Most importantly, the first film's directing duo of Phil Lord and Chris Miller are set to return, which is particularly noteworthy because the pair opted to not direct the sequel of their debut film, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, so something must have enticed them here.

Moritz also elaborated a bit about the plot and tone of the movie. It'll pick up where the first film positioned things (with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill's characters going off to college to work an undercover job), and it's going to treat their partnership like a marriage. The agenda here isn't to dial the action all the way up for a sequel, but to focus more on the comedy and the heart of the movie. That's a good thing as far as we're concerned. There was nothing wrong with the action in the first film (the car chase shootout is a great bit), but a movie like this needs to be a comedy first and an action movie second.

As for those other two cop movies, The Heat stars Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy as an FBI agent (Bullock) and a fiesty Boston beat cop (McCarthy) taking down a drug lord. It doesn't hit theaters until June 28, 2013, but it recently screened at CinemaCon, where it received a pretty enthusiastic response, with many predicting it would be another surprise hit for director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids). Fox has already tasked writer Katie Dippold (Parks and Recreation) to get working on the next one.

Ride Along's sequel news is a bit more surprising. That film is set up over at Universal with Tim Story (Fantastic Four) behind the camera and Ice Cube and Kevin Hart in front. It's about a cop (Cube) who takes his future brother-in-law (Hart) on an overnight ride-along that presumably goes awry in wacky ways. The sequel talk isn't surprising because of who is involved (they all have had box office hits), but because the first film doesn't even hit theaters until January 17, 2014.

So, are you excited about any of these? All of 'em? Are we about to see some kind of buddy-cop comedy renaissance?



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