First Look: Eva Green Commands an Army of Badasses in '300: Rise of an Empire'

First Look: Eva Green Commands an Army of Badasses in '300: Rise of an Empire'

Apr 12, 2013


Remember when 300: Rise of an Empire was called 300: Battle of Artemisia? The Noam Murro-directed movie stars Eva Green in the part of the titular Artemisia who was a real-life queen that fought in the naval Battle of Salamis. She was an astute commander and helped Persian King Xerxes plan his attack on the Greeks. In this photo, which we spotted on ComicBookMovie, Green's Artemisia is suited up and ready for battle. Greek general Themistocles is on the opposing front, played by Sullivan Stapleton (Animal Kingdom). Rodrigo Santoro returns to the role of Xerxes — the mortal man turned golden god. Here's a blurb about Green's role in the film from Popculturology:

"But it's Eva Green as Artemisia, the only female commander in Xerxes' navy, who takes center stage this time. 'She's kind of a Lady Macbeth/Cleopatra character,' says Green. 'She's obsessed by vengeance and wants to go to war with the Greeks.' Midbattle, she meets Athenian general Themistokles (Strike Back star Sullivan Stapleton). 'He's my archenemy, but there's a very strong attraction,' says Green. 'If they'd been in another kind of situation, it might have been a romantic story.'"

300: Rise of an Empire storms theaters on August 2.

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