The '22 Jump Street' Alternate Ending, Plus: The Story Behind Those Awesome End Credits

The '22 Jump Street' Alternate Ending, Plus: The Story Behind Those Awesome End Credits

Jun 16, 2014

Note: The following includes minor spoilers for the end of 22 Jump Street.

One thing that everyone who went out and saw 22 Jump Street is talking about is the elaborate end-credits sequence, which imagines the adventures of the Jump Street team of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum far into the future. It’s a witty send-up of the Marvel-sanctioned credits sequences and a definitive end to a franchise that the studio probably wishes would go on forever.

While chatting with 22 Jump Street’s super genius directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord, we couldn’t help but ask about how the sequence came together and what their intent was while making it. You’ll also learn about the movie’s original ending, which doesn’t have nearly as much bang for the buck. Not only does this feel like the definitive end of the franchise but it also seems to be making fun of all the stuff that clogs big-budget end credits nowadays. Was that your intent?

Chris Miller: Yes.

Phil Lord: We wanted to give the audience the impression that no matter what happens, this thing goes on forever – that in your imagination, there can be 40 million stories and 50 Jump Streets. And I hope they make lunch boxes. Although maybe I don't. This movie is really inappropriate for elementary-aged children. But it's always cool when they have toys for R-rated movies. There is a Starship Troopers bug and it's like – who was this for?

Lord: Yeah that's cool.

Miller: Yeah, like, this Clockwork Orange play set is a little creepy. When did you start planning the end-credits sequence?

Miller: Believe it or not, we did it all in post. We had a different ending where Dickson asks them what mission they want to go on next. And they said, "Oh we're never doing this again" and walked off into the sunset. Early on it was clear that that was going to be frustrating for the audience. They were like, "Ah man I wanted them to keep going."

So we concocted this idea where they do keep going and have it be another opportunity to poke fun at the sequelization of the universe and the branded-ness of everything. So we shot it a month ago for a day with this company Alma Mater and just pulled it out at the very last minute. It's good that you had such an insanely truncated post schedule and still said, "Ah, you know what, let’s add something else."

Lord: I know! It was insane!

Miller: It meant that we weren't going to be able to spend as much time on the sound mix because we were still working on the end credits.

Lord: Luckily we have a team who is great and we trust and we've made a lot of movies together already. We have an Oscar-winning postproduction team.

Miller: Yeah they know what we like and don't like.

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