20th Century Fox Sues Suburban Mom for $15 Million Over Script Leak

20th Century Fox Sues Suburban Mom for $15 Million Over Script Leak

Nov 29, 2010

20th Century Fox, in an attempt to prove to people that The Dark Side of The Force really does exist, has decided to sue a suburban mother for $15 million after she posted the script for their upcoming Deadpool movie on her website, which, according to Fox, has made upwards of 200 movie scripts available to whomever wants to read them for learning purposes only.

The mother of two, who also sells flowers over the phone in between writing her own scripts, had collected the screenplays from various websites over the years and posted them on her own website so that other writers could read and use them as a learning tool. The site was not-for-profit, and she never made a dime off them.

Even so, Fox is going after her hard. $15 million hard. Sure, you can argue that it's copyrighted material and she should've known better than to post them on her website, but then why not first ask her to take down your property before you sue a mother of two who is living paycheck to paycheck for $15 million? So now you've effectively ruined a person's life -- and potentially an entire family may become homeless -- because a handful of people (seriously, how many visitors can she really have to this website that no one had ever heard of until now?) read the stupid Deadpool screenplay?

A screenplay, mind you, that's still being splashed all over this site without penalty it seems? A screenplay that wasn't even leaked by this woman in the first place? Is this really how Hollywood studios should react to something like this, especially when they're the same studio that housed the highest grossing film of all time (Avatar)?

Look, I get that what she did was technically wrong, and that more people should be schooled on what you can and cannot do with copyrighted material, but chasing after some mother of two from Long Island and suing her for $15 million without having asked her to remove the content beforehand is disgusting and appalling in every conceivable way.

20th Century Fox should be ashamed of themselves. I wonder how much this family can get if they pawn their three-disc special edition Avatar Blu-ray. It could probably fetch them enough to pay an attorney for 5 minutes of their time. Kudos Fox! Way to share in the holiday spirit.

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