How to Read Scripts for 'The Spectacular Now,' 'Before Midnight' and Other Awards-Worthy Movies

How to Read Scripts for 'The Spectacular Now,' 'Before Midnight' and Other Awards-Worthy Movies

Nov 13, 2013

The average movie fan doesn't really see the full brunt of awards season. It's hard to not notice that studios save their most prestiguous films for October to December, but unless you're actually involved in the film industry, you probably won't see a lot of the active campaigning that goes on as distributors try to position their films for choice inclusion on year-end lists and golden statues by sending out tons of screeners and other goodies to certain film groups around the world.

You don't have to be a member of one of those groups to take advantage of awards season, though. One nice benefit of this time of the year is that studios will publish screenplays they want considered, and if you go to their respective awards portal sites anyone can grab them (for example, here's Sony Pictures Classics' site). Or you can just head to the excellent film blog of Noam Kroll, who has already begun rounding up these newly released screenplays.

If you head over to his site you can find the screenplays for obvious awards contenders like The Spectacular Now, Before Midnight, and Rush, but there are also a few surprising movies in the mix like The Croods and Monsters University. You even have the option of reading a few movies before they hit theaters, like Frozen and Lone Survivor.

So if you like to see what the blueprint for some of the year's best movies looked like, head right here. And you may want to bookmark it, too, because awards season has just begun and studios are sure to release more screenplays in the coming weeks.

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