2012 Is Now the Biggest Box Office Year on Record

2012 Is Now the Biggest Box Office Year on Record

Dec 27, 2012

If you consume movies like candy, then stupid Santa Claus didn't stop you from seeing either Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained or Tom Hooper's remake of Broadway classic Les Misérables this holiday. The rest of you went to see The Hobbit, or spent time during dinner discussing the film's high frame rate. Whatever cinematic treats you've been partaking in over the past few months, 2012 has ended on a pretty great note for movies.

Since we like to be all official and stuff, we consulted a recent report published on USA Today (from Hollywood.com) that indicates $10.8 billion in ticket sales this year helped mark 2012 as the industry's highest year on record since ticket prices skyrocketed in 2009 ($10.6 billion, then). The study also proves that ticket sales have increased 6% since last year ($10.2 billion), and that attendance is up by 5% (1.3 billion people). Inflation, 3D and IMAX ticket prices also helped push these numbers along (and reinvigorate an interest in the technology with films like The Avengers), but overall 2012 has been a standout year at the box office making movies king once more.

What features, technology and changes will keep things on the up and up for 2013? 


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