The 2012 Black List: Here Are the 10 Unproduced Screenplays We Really Want to See Get Made

The 2012 Black List: Here Are the 10 Unproduced Screenplays We Really Want to See Get Made

Dec 18, 2012

Black List coverIf it’s December, then it’s time for the annual release of The Black List – Hollywood’s annual rundown of the hottest unproduced scripts currently making the rounds. Some of this year’s titles will beat the odds and eventually become films, some will die in development, and for more than a few this is the biggest accolade they’ll ever receive.

What’s interesting about the list is not so much that it gives us a glimpse at what movies might be in the pipeline (it’s impossible to guess which of these films will actually get made and released), but what writers are fixated on in this particular year.  The 2012 list is no different – featuring an abundance of stories about time travel, lawyers and cover-ups.

As always, the list features titles from unknown writers sitting alongside well-known names (Zach Whedon, brother of Joss, makes the list for his screenplay Come and Find Me). As the disclaimer at the start of the list points out, don’t think of these as the “best” scripts out there – think of them as the “most liked.”

So, with that in mind, here are the 10 scripts we thought sounded most interesting – presented in no particular order. You can peruse the full list of titles by aiming your browser here.

Draft Day

Rajiv Joseph, Scott Rothman

On the day of the NFL Draft, Bills General Manager Sonny Weaver has the opportunity to save football in Buffalo when he trades for the number one pick.  He must quickly decide what he’s willing to sacrifice in pursuit of perfection as the lines between his personal and professional life become blurred.


Patrick Aison

A Mossad employed father and his CIA agent son team up to hunt an escaped Nazi.


Carter Blanchard

When three friends go missing on a camping trip in a forest rumored to be haunted, the two left behind discover clues that lead them to a safe deposit box containing video tapes... showing exactly what happened to their friends.

If They Move... Kill ‘Em!

Kel Symons

After losing his luster and respect in Hollywood, famed director Sam Peckinpah hopes to direct his next great film with financial backing from Colombian drug lords and brings along a novice screenwriter to write the film in Colombia. 


Tucker Parsons

The leader of a 14th century Scottish whaling village must seek out and do battle with a whale many times larger than any he has ever seen in order to ransom back his son from the occupying English. 

The Ballad of Pablo Escobar

Matt Aldrich

After his family is almost killed in a car bombing, Pablo Escobar wages a war with a rival cartel and his own government in an effort to protect his family.

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Mark Hogan

During WWII, a a 15-year-old German boy is sent to America to spy for the Fatherland by joining a politically connected family as an English war orphan. Tension mounts when the boy gets the chance to assassinate President Roosevelt.

Hey, Stella!

Tom Shephard

The story of how Marlon Brando won the role of Stanley Kowalski in Elia Kazan’s Broadway play A Streetcar Named Desire.

Who Framed Tommy Callahan?

Harry Kellerman

An elementary school student searches for the truth behind the candy-bar-ring conspiracy that got his brother expelled.

King of Heists

Will Staples

Based on the book King of Heists: The Sensational Bank Robbery of 1878 That Shocked America, written by J. North Conway. An unassuming man in the elite New York society assembles a crew that pulls off the largest bank heist in American history in 1878.

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