2011 Rehab Visits Begin with Lindsay Lohan and David Arquette

2011 Rehab Visits Begin with Lindsay Lohan and David Arquette

Jan 04, 2011

Welcome to 12 more months of celebrities visiting rehab in an attempt to restore whatever bogus image they had before rehab. The Queen Mother of rehab, Lindsay Lohan, was set to leave the joint shortly after the new year (ie: now), but, naturally, The Dark Side has taken hold of our little Jedi princess, and there's a chance the story will continue yet again with her back in  -- you guessed it -- prison. Remember that little altercation she had with a worked at the Betty Ford clinic not long ago? Yup, might be a parole violation. And even though the worker was fired for talking to the press, she's not the one pressing charges. Nope, she didn't want to press charges -- the Mysterious Forces That Want Lindsay Lohan On The Cover of Next Week's People did. Right now she's still in rehab, hanging out for another couple of weeks. Expect this story to never go away ... like, ever. More at 11. Meanwhile ... on the other side of Los Angeles (we think) ... David Arquette has kicked off 2011 by checking himself into rehab for "alcohol ... and other issues -- but not drugs, " according to TMZ. The actor recently separated from his wife Courteney Cox before partying like a rock star for weeks, appearing in several magazines either trashed or trashed and dancing. Reacting to the news, Cox said through her rep, "I really admire David and his choice to take charge and better his life. I love and support him." The duo will next appear on screen together in Scream 4, due later this Spring. (And no, that's just not some jokey metaphor for their relationship -- it's the name of an actual movie.)

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