What Movie from the '90s Is Overdue for a Sequel?

What Movie from the '90s Is Overdue for a Sequel?

May 10, 2013

If there's one thing that best counteracts moviegoers' supposed short attention spans it's nostalgia. And right now we're pretty nostalgic for the 1990s, a decade in which a whole bunch of box office successes and cult hits somehow avoided sequels. Until now. Well, until soon. We keep hearing talk of a couple Independence Day installments, Danny Boyle is apparently finally going to make a Trainspotting follow-up and now via Film School Rejects we hear that director James Merendino is going ahead with a sequel to his 1998 movie SLC Punk!

The last of those is titled Punk's Dead and will reportedly bring back much of the cast, including Matthew Lillard, Devon Sawa, Annabeth Gish and maybe Christopher McDonald (meanwhile Michael A. Goorjian is said to be returning but if you've seen the original that's strange, and apparently Jason Segel is too expensive now). Merendino says he wants to do the sequel to explore what happens to punks as they get older. He asks in the press release, "What relevance do they have in a world where all statements have already been made?"

While the first film isn't exactly a teen movie, or at least not of the high school variety, it does have some of the genre's sensibilities. And so it does seem open to the reunion/where-are-they-now aspect that fans and filmmakers have desired in the past with '80s teen movies. As for '90s varieties, we've already seen chance of a Dazed and Confused 2 come and go, but other ensemble pics that could warrant a sequel include Can't Hardly Wait and Election. Since the latter made some think of Matthew Broderick's character as being a grown Ferris Bueller, perhaps someone should simply make an unofficial follow-up, a political film starring Reese Witherspoon that just makes us think of Tracy Flick.

And speaking of pseudo sequels, maybe the best thing for John Cusack's career right now is for him to do a true Grosse Pointe Blank 2. That movie, which was sort of an informal follow-up to a number of '80s films starring the actor, already had its own sort of informal follow-up with War, Inc., so maybe we have to just wait five years for the unofficial follow-up to that? But even though we've also seen too many criminals-and-their-shrinks stories since Gross Pointe Blank, I'd just like a team up between Cusack's Martin Blank and Alan Arkin's Dr. Oatman. That the idea reminds me of the original The In-Laws makes it even better.

Another sequel to a '90s movie I'd love to see is The Rock 2. If Michael Bay ever wants to be win over critics (he never will, but if...), he can lure Sean Connery out of retirement for another team up with Nic Cage in a follow-up to his only well-reviewed movie. It doesn't matter what the plot is. Maybe they try to rescue someone from a North Korean labor camp. Others: Empire Records 2, which  deals with the continued extinction of music stores and is set on Record Store Day; Reality Bites 2: Generation X Tells the Millenials to Get Off Their Lawn; and The City of Lost Children 2: Attack of the Clones (here are some photos of what grown up Judith Vittet looks like, by the way). 


What movie from the 1990s is overdue for a sequel?

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