The 12 Best Quotes from William Zabka's 'Karate Kid' Live-Tweet Last Night

The 12 Best Quotes from William Zabka's 'Karate Kid' Live-Tweet Last Night

Dec 05, 2011

We're huge fans of the original Karate Kid here at, to the point where we keep bugging HBO on Twitter to quit with the constant airings of The Karate Kid remake and throw the original a bone or two here and there. Anyway, last night William Zabka, who played head Cobra Kai Johnny in the 1984 karate classic, staged a live-Tweet of the film, responding to fan's questions and commenting along with little anecdotes about filming while watching the movie with everyone else. It was pretty fun, and while many actors and actresses from popular '80s movies tend to shy away from that time in their life, Zabka loves every minute of conversing with Karate Kid fans on Twitter (his Twitter avatar is a picture of a tattoo of his character Johnny in full skeleton costume; see below).

With that in mind, we collected our favorite Zabka Tweets from last night (beginning with my question to him) to share with you now. And for more, check out our recent post on an alternate version of the film via all of its rehearsal footage. And you can follow Zabka on Twitter @WilliamZabka. Next up: We're hoping for a Just One of the Guys live-Tweet because I desperately need to know exactly how many lunch trays Zabka knocked over while filming.

The 12 Best Quotes from William Zabka's 'Karate Kid' Live-Tweet Last Night

1. "@ErikDavis: @WilliamZabka What's your favorite song off the film's epic '80s soundtrack?" You're the best

2. NO CGI unlike another movie with the same name

3. Fighting Daryl Vidal -- this first spinning heel kick caught me hard for real

4. All Valley Tournament was filmed at Cal State Northridge. I was enrolled there when I got cast. Returned 2 shoot the ending

5. My mom, dad, sister, brother, aunts, manager, girlfriend were all there when filming. #SMT SWEEP THE LEG slow walk back to mat

6. How many takes to get the krane kick scene? -- tons shot it many times many ways

7. "@Robyn_ONeil: @WilliamZabka Every guy I grew up with wanted your hair. It really was great hair. #SMT" mane & tale is the trick

8. ALI with and I and me dancing brings back so many memories of what happened before. How we celebrated when I WON the All Valley in 82!

9. Scene w Miyagi and Macchio Sand Floor -- Wax On - Wax Off -- magic moment where it all comes together. People stood up & cheered at premier

10. Fact -- at home I practiced my fight choreography with my brother @guyzabka who crane kicked me more times than Macchio.

11. "@petermelito: @ralphmacchio and @WilliamZabka Who would win in a middle age rematch, Daniel or Johnny?" Sony Pictures

12. "@jday15: If you had your choice, would the parking lot scene after the tourney be Part 1 or would you keep it in Part 2?" Part 2



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