Tom Hardy to Give Out '100 Bullets' In New Comic Book Movie

Tom Hardy to Give Out '100 Bullets' In New Comic Book Movie

Aug 11, 2015

100 Bullets

If someone gave you a gun, 100 bullets, and all the information you needed to get revenge on someone who truly deserved it, would you do it? That's the basic premise of the comic series 100 Bullets and soon it'll be the basic premise of a movie called 100 Bullets, because, well, 100 Bullets is being turned into a movie. It's not too complicated.

Tom Hardy will be producing the project for New Line Cinema, which is not-so-coincidentally owned by the very same Warner Bros. who produced Hardy's The Dark Knight Rises and Mad Max: Fury Road. Apparently they all get along quite well, and if the stars align, Hardy may very well play the lead role in 100 Bullets.

Assuming screenwriter Chris Borrelli follows the comics fairly closely, that role would most likely be that of Agent Graves, the man who offers those have been wronged a chance at revenge. You may be wondering where there's a feature film in that premise, and you'd be justified since handing different people assassination targets does sound more tailored for an episodic TV than a standalone movie.

We don't exactly know how they'll be structuring it for a single movie, but we can at least say that there's a somewhat crazy and grand conspiratorial backstory to Agent Graves and the people he serves/served, so the movie will probably explore that side of the story.


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