10 Unforgettable Awkward Movie Moments

10 Unforgettable Awkward Movie Moments

Feb 01, 2014

According to That Awkward Moment, there’s a point in a relationship when someone busts out “The So.” One party kicks off the conversation with “so …” and then follows it up with a question that will determine the fate of the relationship – where is this going, what are we doing, etc. We can’t help you avoid “The So” or stop you from tripping and falling, pressing send on an e-mail prematurely or getting caught up in a big fat lie, but at least for the next few minutes you can steer clear of any self-created misunderstandings by indulging in this string of big-screen mishaps that rival the awkwardness of “The So.”


Dress Shopping in Bridesmaids

Doing your business all over expensive bridesmaid dresses is devastating no matter what the circumstances, but what really makes the post-Brazilian feast calamity in Bridesmaids even more effective is the build-up. At first the schvitzing, fidgeting and tummy rumbling seems harmless, especially when you’re discussing whether or not to buy a Fritz Bernaise, but the second one bridesmaid can’t hold it in any longer, it’s a chain reaction of mind-blowingly unladylike incidents until poor Lillian is in the middle of the street, pooping her high-end wedding dress. The two-year-old Lady JuJu gown was too poofy anyway.


Hair Gel in Something About Mary

Zipping your you-know-what into your fly on prom night is excruciatingly painful and embarrassing, but whereas that moment is just one punch to the gut after the next – the parents coming in, visitors at the bathroom window, ultimately becoming a neighborhood spectacle, etc. – the sequence cuts there. With the hair gel incident, on the other hand, not only does Ted desperately have to dig for a cover story, but then he’s got to sit, stare at and feel responsible for his mistake throughout an entire meal, all while discussing stalker tendencies nonetheless. (Click on the image below to watch the clip.)


Period Dance in Superbad

The killer here is that Seth actually thinks he’s getting some. He walks off so proud that he scored some time rubbing up against a pretty girl just to find out that she used him as a personal tampon. If only he’d noticed the stain himself first. Instead, some other jerk at the party does and turns Seth into the biggest joke at the place. And that’s not even the end of it. Seth may see the humor in Mark’s matching leg stain, but his “blood brother” certainly doesn’t. Not only does Mark catch Seth red handed (legged?), but also trying to make off with two laundry detergent containers filled with stolen booze. It’s a good thing Mark and his buddies are total loose cannons, get confused and start kicking the crap out of each other because that’s the only reason Seth and Evan find a way out.


Getting a Portrait from Napoleon Dynamite

There isn’t a single thing Napoleon Dynamite does that isn’t awkward, whether he’s towing Kip into town, practicing his dance moves, doodling Ligers or feeding Tina, but his behavior gets exponentially more cringe-worthy when he gets someone who isn’t related to him (Pedro, Deb or Lafawnduh) involved. Popular or not, receiving a Napoleon-style portrait of yourself in the mail is an incredibly uncomfortable experience and it’s bound to get even more so when your mother gets her hands on his masterpiece and forces you to call and thank him and attend the prom with him for his handiwork.


Web Cam in American Pie

The scariest thing about this scenario is that now it’s easier than ever to make it happen. In fact, just the other day, I tried hosting a Google Hangout with some friends and accidently sent the invitation out to everyone in my Google+ circles. Fortunately I wasn’t having a study session Jim-style, but between that and the possibility that someone could hack into your webcam, the threat of accidently broadcasting private moments is definitely there. On the bright side, odds are you’ve got better dance moves and more game than our favorite pie lover, so if that little green laptop light comes on when it’s not supposed to, the unintentional show won’t decimate your reputation.


Getting Hit By a Bus in Mean Girls

This scene in Mean Girls earns the honor not because it puts the characters in an awkward position, but rather the audience. I’ll never forget sitting in the theater for the first time, watching Regina and Cady go at it before, out of nowhere, Regina’s dragged off frame by a school bus. “Did that really just happen? Am I allowed to laugh? It’s a terrible accident, but I want to laugh.” And laugh I did while feeling guilty about it.


Busted in Enough Said

Imagine that you have this friend who has this ex-husband that she abhors and vents about to you all the time. Now imagine coming to the realization that this guacamole-stirring ex-husband happens to be the guy you just started dating. Do you tell them? After watching that exact situation blow up in Eva’s face in Enough Said, you just might. The moment Eva puts the pieces together and realizes that Albert is actually Marianne’s ex, you just know it’s coming, but writer-director Nicole Holofcener gets the maximum effect out of the mistake by establishing an exceptional connection to the character that makes you sink deeper and deeper into your seat as you realize the time has come and now Eva’s going to have to address the misunderstanding head-on.


The Temper Tantrum in Young Adult

Everything Mavis Gary does in Young Adult is selfish, inappropriate and makes you cringe on her behalf, but there’s really nothing more uncomfortable than watching someone absolutely lose it in front of a crowd over nothing. Sure, Mavis’ pursuit of Buddy Slade built resentment for his wife Beth throughout the film, but from everyone else’s perspective Mavis was just some crazy lady at the party who had a total meltdown when Beth spilled wine on her sweater, shouted obscenities, giggled manically and then taunted her by saying, “Are you just gonna stand there like a big lump?”


The Disastrous Dinner in Meet the Parents

We’ve all been there before and it is a soul crushing experience getting caught up in a lie, especially when you’re trying to make a good impression. You’ve got to watch every word you say in front of a tough cookie like Jack Byrnes. His whole mission in Meet the Parents is to prove Greg’s a fraud so naturally everything Greg says will spark follow-up questions, but the whole cat-milking incident is Greg’s fault. He’s the one who came out and asked, “You want to hear a story?” And when the story claims that you can milk a cat, anyone is bound to have questions – especially when you throw in demonstration.


Playing Any Role in Movie 43

We’ve got an Academy Award nominee with testicles dangling from his chin, an Academy Award winner making guacamole with her breast and pretending to shoot hot sauce up her you-know-what, and loads more of the industry’s top talent putting themselves through painfully uncomfortable and ridiculous scenarios to no effect. Movie 43 might be the most awkward film to ever hit theaters. Not only is it devoid of laugh-out-loud gags, but it’s a particularly tough watch because you’re so embarrassed for the endless list of big-name stars involved. 


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