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Muscle Tussle
Musik Bei Nacht
Muss Man Sich Gleich Scheiden Lassen?
Mystery Lake
Midnight Eagle
Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
Margot at the Wedding
Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair
Man Lebt Nur Einmal
Mayskaya Noch, Ili Utoplennitsa
Meet Me at the Fair
Meet Millie
Mein Herz Darfst du Nicht Fragen
Meine Frau Macht Dummheiten
Mina De Vanghel
Minuit ... Quai De Bercy
Miss Robin Hood
Mitrea Cocor
Mlodosc Chopina
Moineaux de Paris
Mon Mari Est Merveilleux
Monsieur Taxi
Montana Belle
Montana Incident
Montana Territory
Mr. Lord Says No
Mr. Potts Goes to Moscow
Mr. Walkie Talkie
Murder at Scotland Yard
Musuko no Seishun
My Death Is a Mockery
My Man and I
My Pal Gus
My Six Convicts
My Son, John
My Son, the Vampire
My Wife's Best Friend
My Wife's Lodger
Mulberry Street
Mongrel and Master
My Name Is Albert Ayler
Martian Child
Music Within
Making Opera: The Creation of Verdi's La Forza Del Destino
Man Eaters
Martha Jellneck
Memorias Y Olvidos
Miss Millionersha
Moj Ata, Socialisticni Kulak
Mord I Paradis
Mortu Nega
Muelle Rojo
Muhsin Bey
Mad Mission, Part 4: You Never Die Twice
Mr. Untouchable
My Old Man's Place
M Comme Mathieu
Madeleine Is
Make a Face
Mathias Kneissl
Mecanismo Interior
Med Kaerlig Hilsen
Medicine Ball Caravan
Moondance Alexander
Mein Lieber Robinson
Mi Querida Senorita
Mine soestres boern, naar de er vaerst
Meeting Resistance
Muhammad Ali a.k.a. Cassius Clay
Manufacturing Dissent
Machismo - 40 Graves for 40 Guns
Mädchen...nur mit Gewalt
Mais Ne Nous Deliverez Pas du Mal
Man of Violence
Mazurka Paa Sengekanten
Mein Vater, Der Affe und Ich
Mig og min lillebror og Boelle
Mihai Viteazul
Mera Naam Joker
Michael Clayton
My Kid Could Paint That
Made in Sweden
My Dog, the Thief
Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter
Mord und Totschlag
Marketa Lazarova
Maroc 7
Mucedníci Lásky
Monster from a Prehistoric Planet
Mon Amour, Mon Amour
McGuire, Go Home!
Meet Marlon Brando
My Name Is Alan and I Paint Pictures
Missione Planeta Errante
Mark of the Tortoise
Mr. Woodcock
Mary Mary
My Six Loves
Merrill's Marauders
My Geisha
Moving McAllister
Mir Vkhodyashchemu
Maciste Nell'Inferno di Genghis Khan
Maghe Dhaka Tara
Morte Di Un Amico
Menace in the Night
Monster from Green Hell
My World Dies Screaming
Mr. Bean's Holiday
Mance Lipscomb: A Well-Spent Life
Manda Bala
Ma and Pa Kettle Back on the Farm
Ma Femme Est Formidable
Ma Femme Ma Vache Et Moi
Major Bauk
Man from Sonora
Maria Morena
Maria Theresia
Mark of the Renegade
Mask of the Dragon
Massacre En Dentelles
Me Quiero Casar Contigo
Meet Me After the Show
Meigatsu somato
Mein Freund, Der Dieb
Men of the Sea
Merry Mavericks
Mi Campeon
Midnight Episode
Million Dollar Pursuit
Mirrors of Holland
Missing Women
Monsieur Fabre
Monsieur Leguignon Lampiste
Montana Desperado
Movie Maker
Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell
Mr. Denning Drives North
Mr. Drake's Duck
Mujeres Sin Mañana
Mukokuseki Mono
Murder in the Footlights
Murder Without Crime
Musique En Tete
My First Love
My Forbidden Past
My Outlaw Brother
Mystery Junction
Marie Antoinette
Michael Jackson's This Is It
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Man of the House
Maerkische Forschungen
Med Allt A Hreinu
Mexicano... tú puedes
Mi Tia Nora
Mosheng De Pengyou
Mon Cure Chez Les Thailandaises
Mortelle Randonnée
Mrtvi Ucia Zivych
Mystery Mansion
Manufactured Landscapes
Mademoiselle De La Ferte
Madness of the Heart
Magic Fluke
Magnas Miska
Maid of Formosa
Make Believe Ballroom
Make Mine Laughs
Malice in the Palace
Mana Desam
Märchen vom Glück