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Harry Munter
Hell Boats
Hello Goodbye
Hollywood Blue
How Do I Love Thee?
How to Succeed With Sex
Hurra, Wir Sind Mal Wieder Junggesellen
Hell's Belles
Heureux Qui Comme Ulysse
Hilfe, Ich Liebe Zwillinge
Half a Sixpence
Hostile Guns
Hold On!
Hotel Paradiso
Honor of the Knights
Har Borjar Aventuret
Harvey Middleman, Fireman
Hag in a Black Leather Jacket
Hercules the Invincible
Hero's Island
Hand in Hand
Here Come the Jets
Hey Boy! Hey Girl!
Holiday for Lovers
Horrors of Spider Island
Horrors of the Black Museum
Hound-Dog Man
Half Human
Happy Is the Bride
High Hell
Hold That Hypnotist
Hell in Korea
Herr Puntila und Sein Knecht Matti
Hana no nagadosu
Hands of Destiny
Heideschulmeister Uwe Karsten
Heimweh Nach Deutschland
Hell's Half Acre
Hic-Cup Pup
Highway Dragnet
Hochstaplerin Der Liebe
Hoheit Lassen Bitten
Hulha Branca
Heyy Babyy
How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman
Hannah Takes the Stairs
Hallo Dienstmann
Hanna Amon
Happy Go Lovely
Hard, Fast and Beautiful
Hare We Go
Havana Rose
Heidelberger Romanze
Hell Is Sold Out
Hello God
Herz Der Welt
Herzen Im Sturm
Hilfe, Ich Bin Unsichtbar
Hill Number One
His Mouse Friday
Hollywood Story
Home to Danger
Hon Dansade en Sommar
Hot Lead
Hotel Sahara
House of Wax
Hula Girls
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Hans le Marin
Hatch up Your Troubles
Hateshinaki Jonetsu
Haunted Trails
Havets Son
Heavenly Puss
Heimliches Rendezvous
Henhouse Henery
Henry, the Rainmaker
Herois Do Mar
Hidden Danger
High Jinks in Society
Hipolito El de Santa
Hippety Hopper
Histoires Extraordinaires
Historia Del 900
Hoellische Liche
Hokus Pokus
Hold That Baby!
Holiday for Drumsticks
Holiday in Havana
Hollywood Burlesque
Home in San Antone
Hanna K.
Heinrich Penthesilea Von Kleist
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Horatio I.P.I.
Half-Wits Holiday
Harald Handfaste
Hard-Boiled Mahoney
Haru No Mezame
Have You Ever Wondered?
Hay Muertos Que No Hacen Ruido
Hedelmaton Puu
Her Husband's Affairs
Her Kommer VI
Hermoso Ideal
High and Happy
High Conquest
High Fury
Hobo Bobo
Holiday Camp
Hollywood Barn Dance
Hombre De La Ametralladora
Home in Oklahoma
Homesteaders of Paradise Valley
Hoppy's Holiday
Hora Y Media De Balazos
Hue and Cry
Humo en los Ojos
Half Past Midnight
Halte Police
Han matado a Tongolele
Heart of Virginia
Heavenly Daze
Here Come the Huggetts
Highway 13
Historia de Una Mala Mujer
Hofrat Geiger
Hollywood Dreams
Holidays with Pay
Homicide for Three
Hop, Look and Listen
Hot Cross Bunny
House of Darkness
Hot Fuzz
Hatachi no Seishun
Headin' for a Weddin'
Heading West
Her Adventurous Night
Her Kind of Man
Her Sister's Secret
Hiss and Yell
Histoire De Chanter
Holiday in Mexico
Hollywood Canine Canteen
Home Sweet Homicide
Hop Harrigan
Hot Cargo
House Rent Party
How Do You Do?
Hoboken Hollow
Hasta Que Perdio Jalisco
Having Wonderful Crime
Her Favorite Patient
Her Highness and the Bellboy
Her Lucky Night
Here Comes the Sun
High Powered
His Brother's Ghost
Hit the Hay
Hitchhike to Happiness
Hold That Blonde
Hare Ribbin'
Harmony Trail
Hat Check Honey
Haunted Harbor [Serial]
He Snoops to Conquer
Heaven Is Round the Corner
Heavenly Days
Henry Aldrich Plays Cupid
Henry Aldrich, Boy Scout
Henry Aldrich's Little Secret
Her Primitive Man
Here Come the Waves
Hi, Beautiful
Hi, Good-Lookin'