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The Moustache Details


"What would you think if I shaved my moustache?" asks Marc (Vincent Lindon) of his wife, Agnès (Emmanuelle Devos), one fateful night as they prepare to visit friends for dinner. She's never seen him without it, but while she goes to do some last-minute shopping, he impulsively shaves the moustache off. Thus begins a tragic odyssey that leads Marc to question every relationship in his life, and even his own identity. Marc's journey into darkness begins when Agnès returns home. At first, he playfully tries to conceal what he's done. When he finally reveals his bare face to her, with a flourish, her reaction is...nonexistent. She baffles him by appearing not to notice the change. Confused, he says nothing, and they proceed with their plans for the evening. When the couple's friends Serge (Mathieu Amalric) and Nadia (Macha Polikarpova) also fail to make note of the change in Marc's appearance, he begins to get angry, believing that Agnès is playing an elaborate prank on him. In the car on the way home, he loses his temper, and it's her turn to be baffled. What moustache? How can she have noticed that he shaved his moustache when he's never had one? While Agnès begins to question her husband's sanity, Marc frantically searches for evidence of his former facial hair. Things only get worse for Marc, as no one at his job remembers him having a moustache either, and before long, he discovers that there are other details of his life that only he remembers. The Moustache marks the directorial debut of Emmanuel Carrère, who adapted his own novel with Jérôme Beaujour (Jérôme Beaujour). The film was shown as part of The Film Society of Lincoln Center's 2006 Rendez-Vous with French Cinema. ~ Josh Ralske, Rovi

  • Release date:April 27, 2005


Emmanuel Carrère
Anne-Dominique Toussaint
Jerome Beajour
Emmanuel Carrère
Emmanuel Carrère
Book Author
Patrick Blossier
Philip Glass
Composer (Music Score)
Camille Cotte
Françoise Dupertuis
Production Designer
Romain Legrand
Associate Producer
Elisabeth Tavernier
Costume Designer
Laurent Poirier
Sound/Sound Designer
Herve Guyader
Sound/Sound Designer
Emmanuel Croset
Sound/Sound Designer
Elizabeth Marre
First Assistant Director