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Mot Haerlige Tider Details


In a clichéd, slow rendering of three people caught in a love triangle, Jackie (Pia Green) goes to an island looking for her lover of 10 years previous, Carl-Adam (Stig Engstroem), not knowing that his bride-to-be, the daughter of his boss, is also there with him. The twist is that Carl-Adam and Jackie were once political activists, but now he has become a successful businessman -- so will Jackie and the old politics win the day? A few other sub-plots play out against a backdrop of the good-hearted poor people on the island versus the spoiled and foolish rich visitors. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi


Pia Green
as Jackie
Stig Engstrom
as Carl-Adam
Anki Liden
as Yvonne
Helena Brodin
as Vanja
Eddie Axberg
as Svempa
Lis Nilheim
as Katrin
Leif Ahrle
as Peder
Cecilia Walton
as Marre


Ingemar Ejve
Executive Producer