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Morons from Outer Space Details


In this partially successful Brit sci-fi comedy, four invading aliens cannot really think their way out of a paper bag, much less conquer Earth with their superior knowledge (apparently also non-existent). Of the aliens, Desmond ([[Performer~P51736~Jimmy Nail~jimmynail]]) is particularly thick-headed and leaves Bernard ([[Performer~P225555~Mel Smith~melsmith]]) dangling out in space, Sandra ([[Performer~P55667~Joanne Pearce~joannepearce]]) attracts the romantic interest of British Commander Matteson ([[Performer~P40249~Dinsdale Landen~dinsdalelanden]]), and Julian ([[Performer~P230121~Paul Brown~paulbrown]]) is along for the ride. After this trio causes a traffic snarl when they land on a British expressway, they are first interrogated and then given jobs in showbiz so they can support themselves. This leads to a great rock singing career, which in turn, leads to a U.S. tour -- though this does not equate rock singers and aliens. Meanwhile, Bernard has been saved from his abandonment in space by an unlikely space-wanderer who drops him off in the U.S., where he is put in an insane asylum. Sure enough, when his three companions start their U.S. tour, Bernard escapes and tries to rejoin them. The saga continues on until some sort of very unlikely rescue seems in store. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi


Mel Smith
as Bernard
Griff Rhys Jones
as Graham Sweetley
Paul Bown
as Julian Tope
Joanne Pearce
as Sandra Brock
Jimmy Nail
as Desmond Brock
Dinsdale Landen
as Comdr. Matteson
James B. Sikking
as Col. Laribee
Robin Driscoll
as Space Pilot
Ed Wiley
as Laribee's Aide
Edward Arthur
as Chat Show Host
George Innes
as Stanley Benson
Graham Fellows
as Cipher
Jo Ross
as Lady in Dining Room
Joanna Dickens
as Lady Farmer
Olivier Pierre
as Jabowlski
Pamela Mandell
as Mary
Harriet Thorpe
as Blood Royal Lady
Ian East
as Scientist
Andre Maranne
as Trousseaux
Jimmy Mulville
as Motorway Policeman
John Barcroft
as McKenzie
John Clamp
as Bobby
Joss Buckley
as TV presenter
Angela Crow
as Woman in Car
Leonard Fenton
as Commissionaire
Lesa Lockford
as Nurse
Lesley Grantham
as Policeman's Assistant
Peter Straker
as Choir Lead Singer
Peter Whitman
as Friborg
Richenda Carey
as Countess Gretel
Roger Hammond
as Soundman
Ronnie Stevens
as Hotel Manager
Shane Rimmer
as Redneck
Shelley Thompson
as Nurse Perce
Susan Denaker
as Nurse
Thick Wilson
as Duty Cop
Tristram Jellinek
as Simpson
Bill Stewart
as Walters
Miriam Margolyes
as Lady Scientist
Bob Sessions
as TV Presenter
Billy Mitchell
as Commander
Mark Lewis Jones
as Godfrey
Barbara Hicks
as Stenographer
John O'Toole
as Security Guard
R.J. Bell
as Klutz
Robert Austin
as Newscaster
Tim Barker
as Mathematician
Christopher Northey
as Whitehall Flunkie
David Haig
as Palatial House Flunkey
Derek Deadman
as Man in Car
Des Webb
as Eskimo chief
Diane Ricardo
as Redneck Wife


Mike Hodges
Verity Lambert
Barry Hanson
Mel Smith
Griff Rhys Jones
Bob Mercer
Phil Meheux
Peter Brewis
Composer (Music Score)
Peter Boyle
Brian Eatwell
Production Designer
Bert Davey
Production Designer
Terry Gough
Art Director
Derek Nice
Set Designer
May Routh
Costume Designer
Jeff Luff
Special Effects