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Moon Over Parador Details


Jack Noah (Richard Dreyfuss) is all actor: Self-possessed, obsessive, vulnerable, and an addict for praise, his soul burns with "the craft." Having just finished a grade-Z straight-to-cable crime thriller in the fictional South American country of Parador, he gets the ultimate acting challenge (though it's more like an offer he can't refuse) from Roberto Strausman (Raul Julia), the Paradorian dictator's chief advisor. The challenge: impersonate the country's dictator, whose just died. Strausman knows just how to manipulate Noah: He takes him to a meat locker, shows him the director's body (actually Dreyfuss' brother, Lorin), threatens to kill him, and he brings clips of Noah's best reviews. Thus enticed, and bearing a striking resemblance to the man, Noah accepts the job. Under the exacting direction of Strausman, he follows the script precisely. Noah immediately enjoys the job's perks, not least of which is the dictator's scorching mistress, Madonna (Sonia Braga), but of course cannot conceal his real identity to her. A close call with Parador's revolutionaries and Madonna's brimming social conscience push Noah to take command of the role. He starts pushing a kinder, gentler social agenda, and incurs Strausman's wrath. It begins to look like Noah will play the dictator's last act, but a chance meeting with a stunt man friend (Michael Greene) inspires a caper that will change all of the characters' fates. ~ Nick Sambides, Jr., Rovi

  • Release date:September 9, 1988


Awarded by
Hollywood Foreign Press Association Raul Julia Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture 1988 Nominee
Hollywood Foreign Press Association Sonia Braga Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture 1988 Nominee


Richard Dreyfuss
as Jack Noah
Raul Julia
as Roberto Strausmann
Sonia Braga
as Madonna
Jonathan Winters
as Ralph
Fernando Rey
as Alejandro
Sammy Davis, Jr.
as Himself
Michael Greene
as Clint
Polly Holliday
as Midge
Milton Goncalves
as Carlo
as Madame Loop
Marianne Sägebrecht
as Magda
René Kolldehoff
as Gunther
Jose Lewgoy
as Archbishop
Dann Florek
as Toby
Roger Aaron Brown
as Desmond
Dana Delany
as Jenny
Dick Cavett
as Himself
Ike Pappas
as Himself
Ed Asner
as Himself
Jorge Cherques
as Family Member
John C. Broderick
as Director
Betsy Mazursky
as Woman at Buffet
Nika Bonfim
as Carmen
Helio Souto
as Family Member
Guilherme Karan
as Forte
Vera Buono
as Nightclub Singer
Nildo Parente
as Gray Man
Nelson Xavier
as Gen. Sinaldo
Ariel Coelho
as Paulo
Renato Coutinho
as Family Member
Lutero Luiz
as Samuel
Patricio Guzmán
as Family Member
Regina Case
as Clara
Nina Fineman
as Casting Secretary
Lorin Dreyfuss
as 1st Dictator
Giovanna Gold
as Carnival Girl
Bianca Rossini
as Tilde
Flavio R. Tambellini
as Dante Guzman
Lora Milligan
as Alice
Jill Mazursky
as Assistant Director
Reuven Bar-Yotam
as Menachem Fein
Rod McCary
as Gordon Boyd
David Cale
as Edgar Low


Paul Mazursky
Paul Mazursky
Leon Capetanos
Maurice Jarre
Composer (Music Score)
Stuart H. Pappe
Marcos Flaksman
Production Designer
Pato Guzman
Production Designer
Marcos Flaksman
Art Director
Pato Guzman
Geoffrey Taylor
Paul Mazursky
Alexandre Meyer
Set Designer
Harry Curtis
Costume Designer
Albert Wolsky
Costume Designer
Steve Maslow
Sound/Sound Designer
Irby Smith
First Assistant Director
Bill Catching
Bianca Rossini
Ellen Chenoweth
Bill Catching
Second Unit Director
Bill Catching
Stunts Coordinator