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Moon Pilot is an engaging Disney sci-fi comedy that manages to shoot off a few neat and surprisingly satirical barbs at the hypertense US/Russia "space race" of the era. Tom Tryon plays an astronaut who is ordered to keep his upcoming moon flight a secret, even from his family. While on a plane, Tryon is approached by lovely Dany Saval, who seems to know all about the astronaut's hush-hush mission, and who warns him about possible defects in his spacecraft. Despite the diligence of his FBI guards, Tryon is confronted time and again by Saval, who eventually reveals herself to be a visitor from the planet Beta Lyrae. A friendly alien, Saval merely wants to offer Tryon a special coating formula that will safeguard his rocket. Enchanted by the girl, Tryon plays hookey on his guards to spend more time with her, leaving the FBI, NASA, the CIA and the local constabulary to chase their own tails. When his rocket is launched, Tryon discovers that Saval has stowed away. The two sing a romantic song about Beta Lyrae while mission control (personified by Brian Keith at his most bombastic) expresses confusion over the bizarre transmissions emanating from Tryon's capsule. The release of Moon Pilot was heralded by a "preview" on Disney's Brian Keith TV series, titled "Spy in the Sky." ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Brian Keith
as Maj. Gen. John Vanneman
Edmond O'Brien
as McClosky
Dany Saval
as Lyrae
Bob Sweeney
as Senator Henry McGuire
Kent Smith
as Secretary of the Air Force
Bert Remsen
as Agent Brown
Sarah Selby
as Mrs. Celia Talbot
Dick Whittinghill
as Col. Briggs
Tommy Kirk
as Walter Talbot
Bob Hastings
as Air Force Officer
Nancy Kulp
as Nutritionist
Muriel Landers
as Fat Lady
Tom Tryon
as Capt. Richmond Talbot
Nancy Kulp
as Nutritionist
Muriel Landers
as Fat Lady
Bob Hastings
as Air Force Officer


James Neilson
Ron Miller
Maurice Tombragel
Robert Buckner
Screen Story
Cotton Warburton
Carroll Clark
Art Director
Emile Kuri
Set Designer
Chuck Keehne
Costume Designer
Gertrude Casey
Costume Designer
Eustace Lycett
Special Effects