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This romantic comedy is based on a true story that happened in California in 1944. Sonny Wisecarver ([[Performer~P18549~Patrick Dempsey~patrickdempsey]]) is 15 year old who has an affair with his older neighbor Judy ([[Performer~P3630~Talia Balsam~taliabalsam]]). The two run off and get married, but a stern judge has the union annulled. Sonny is hauled before the same judge when he gets involved with another older woman ([[Performer~P16443~Beverly D'Angelo~beverlydangelo]]), and the publicity makes him the object of affection for millions of young women who believe Sonny has something special. [[Performer~P14610~Michael Constantine~michaelconstantine]] and [[Performer~P35661~Betty Jinnett~bettyjinnette]] play Sonny's concerned parents. [[Performer~P107881~Carl Reiner~carlreiner]] is the uncredited narrator, and the real-life Elliott "Sonny" Wisecarver has a cameo appearance as a mailman. ~ Dan Pavlides, Rovi

  • Release date:September 16, 1987


Awarded by
Los Angeles Film Critics Association Christopher Doyle Best Cinematography (Runner-up) 2001 Winner


Patrick Dempsey
as Ellsworth Sonny Wisecarver
Beverly D'Angelo
as Francine Glatt
Talia Balsam
as Judy Cusimano
Michael Constantine
as Mr. Wisecarver
Betty Jinnette
as Mrs. Wisecarver
Kathleen Freeman
as Mrs. Marver, The Landlady
Jeffrey Alan Chandler
as Hotel Clerk
David Schermerhorn
as LA Courtroom Heckler
Janet Rotblatt
as Angry Neighbor, Willowbrook
Kitty Swink
as Sponge Bath Nurse
Michael Darrell
as Bailiff
Rocky Parker
as Woman on Train
Tom Maier
as Judge
Carl Reiner
as Narrator
Jared Chandler
as Western Union Messenger
Laura Bastianelli
as Judy's Cellmates, Denver
Armin Shimerman
as Priest
S.A. Griffin
as Cpl. Howard Glatt, USMC
Tom Patten
as Marine With Stars And Stripes Newspaper
Max Perlich
as Teenage Boy (Slapee)
Bob Gould
as Detective Glore
Burr Middleton
as FBI Agent Harrow
Douglas Rowe
as Uncle Clete
Brian McNamara
as George
Charles Stevenson
as Telegraph Clerk
Ernie Brown
as Chief Papa Bear Kelsey
Jay Varela
as her Husbad, The Tuna Foreman
Lee Garlington
as Schlitz Waitress
Nan Woods
as Madeline
Sarah Partridge
as Winking Nurse
Tom Tarpey
as Front Yard Reporter
Tommy Ryan
as Nes Photographer, Denver
Charlie Holliday
as Reporter
Gillian Grant
as Karen
Andrew Roperto
as Switchblade Kid
Lenore Woodward
as Justice of the Peace
Neil Elliot
as Arresting Cop
Steve Whittaker
as Three-Fingered Surgeon
Bess Meyer
as Teenage Girl (Slapper)
Bert Convy
as Newspaper Editor
Harvey J. Goldenberg
as Marriage License Clerk
Dana Short
as Alberta
Joshua Cadman
as Tony
Marilyn Cohen
as Yenta
Rick Salassi
as News Photographer, Denver
Tom Ashworth
as Man on Train
Joycee Katz
as Rosie the Riveter
Michael Bandoni
as Rooming House Boarder
Rocky Giordani
as Tough Inmate, Los Angeles
Tom Breznahan
as Gary
Wayne Grace
as Bus Driver
Terry Camilleri
as Judy's Lawyer
Paul Keith
as Reporter
Darwyn Swalve
as Huge Inmate, Los Angeles
Tony Longo
as Carlo, Judy's Husband
Edith Fellows
as Mrs. Long, Judy's Mother
Kim Myers
as Wendy, The Usherette
Cletus Young
as Sonny's Guard
Guy Christopher
as LA Reporter
John Zarchen
as LA Courtroom Heckler
Lisanne Falk
as Jamie
Niles Brewster
as Principal
Peter Hobbs
as The Judge
Crane Jackson
as Front Yard Reporter
Jordan Myers
as Desk Sergeant
Mae Williams
as Angry Neighbor, Willowbrook
Putter Smith
as Minister
Ted Noose
as Denver Reporter
Valerie Reynolds
as Policewoman


Phil Alden Robinson
Gary Adelson
Brian Frankish
Karen Mack
Phil Alden Robinson
Robert Getchell
John Lindley
Eddie de Lange
Featured Music
Duke Ellington
Featured Music
Bette Midler
Johnny Mercer
Featured Music
Joseph Garland
Andy Razaf
Featured Music
Mitchell Parish
Eubie Blake
Featured Music
Fleecie Moore
Frank Strayer
Dennis Gassner
Production Designer
Dins Danielsen
Art Director
Richard Hoover
Set Designer
Linda Burns
Costume Designer
Linda M. Bass
Costume Designer
Richard Arrington