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Monte Walsh Details


Monte Walsh (Lee Marvin ) and his pal Chet Rollins (Jack Palance) are two over the hill cowboys seeking work in the town of Harmony, Arizona in the final days of the Old West. They take a job at the ranch of Cal Brennan (Jim Davis) and meet an old friend Shorty (Mitch Ryan). Monte goes off to visit old flame Martine (Jean Moreau), a saloon girl suffering from tuberculosis. The ranch closes and Chet marries Mary Eagle (Allyn Ann McLerie), a widow who owns a profitable hardware store. He tries to talk Monte in to giving up his cowboy life and settling down. He asks Martine to marry him, but she declines and cites her deteriorating health as the reason for her refusal. Monte goes on a drinking binge and rides a wild horse through town. He is indignant when a rodeo owner offers him a job. Monte states he would rather spit on himself that resort to such degrading work. Shorty is soon unemployed and guns down local lawman (LeRoy Johnson). Distraught after the death of his beloved Martine, Monte goes after Shorty when he guns down Chet. This film marks the directorial debut for cameraman William A. Fraker. ~ Dan Pavlides, Rovi

  • Release date:October 2, 1970


Lee Marvin
as Monte Walsh
Jeanne Moreau
as Martine Bernard
Jack Palance
as Chet Rollins
Mitchell Ryan
as Shorty Austin
G.D. Spradlin
as Hat Henderson
Michael Conrad
as Dally Johnson
Bo Hopkins
as Jumpin' Joe Joslin
Matt Clark
as Rufus Brady
Allyn Ann McLerie
as Mary Eagle
John McLiam
as Fightin' Joe Hooker
Raymond Guth
as Sunfish Perkins
Henry Escalante
Jack Colvin
as Card Cheat
Guy Wilkerson
as Old Man
Eric Christmas
as Col. Wilson
Charles Tyner
as Doctor
Billy Green Bush
as Powder Kent
Thomas Heaton
as Sugar Wyman
Leroy Johnson
as Marshal
John Carter
as Farmer
Richard Farnsworth
as Cowboy
Roy Barcroft
as Saloon Proprietor
Ted Gehring
as Skimpy Eagans


William A. Fraker
Bobby Roberts
Hal Landers
Lukas Heller
Jack Schaefer
Book Author
John Barry
Composer (Music Score)
Richard Brockway
Gene Fowler, Jr.
Albert Brenner
Production Designer
Ward Preston
Art Director
Albert Brenner
Costume Designer
George Peckham
Special Effects
Jack Roe
First Assistant Director
Emile LaVigne