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Monster in the Closet Details


A humorous and skilful parody of the cliches and plot contrivances of 50's horror films, this monster movie is set in California, where closets can be large and quite important. The monster (Kevin Peter Hall) is straight out of Alien, if not quite as gruesome. It hides out in closets and wait for victims to unsuspectingly grab a shirt or slacks. After several closet deaths, a San Francisco obituary writer (Donald Grant) is sent to cover the story. He soon teams up with a science teacher (Denise DuBarry) and her son, a super-smart child prodigy, and they set out to solve the murders. The plot thickens when the gruff, brash Gen. Turnbull (Donald Moffat) enters the picture. It seems the monster is bullet-proof, laser-proof and bomb-proof -- a challenge to capture, kill, or subdue. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi

  • Release date:January 30, 1987


Donald Grant
as Richard Clark
Claude Akins
as Sheriff Ketchum
Howard Duff
as Father Finnegan
Henry Gibson
as Dr. Pennyworth
Donald Moffat
as Gen. Turnbull
Paul Dooley
as Roy Crane
Stella Stevens
as Margo Crane
John Carradine
as Old Joe
Frank Ashmore
as Scoop Johnson
Jesse White
as Ben Bernstein
Kevin Peter Hall
as The Monster
Doc Duhame
as Deputy Connor
Jack Tate
James Arone
as soldier
Jonathan Aluzas
as Chip
Paul Walker
as The Professor
Corky Pigeon
as Danny
Evan Arnold
as Beaver
Gordon Metcalfe
as Turnbull's Aide
Arthur Berggren
as Jimmy's Father
Katherine Lyons
David Anthony
as Paperboy
Stephanie White
as Maggie, Scoop's Girl
Jack Shearer
as Reporter
Paul Latchaw
as Globe Reporter
Jonna Lee
as Sorority Girl
Andrew Cofrin
as Soldier
Archie Lang
as TV Newscaster
Ben Baker
as Mr. McGinty
Arlee Reed
as Passerby
Clare Nono
as TV Newscaster
Brad Kester
as Rex
Arthur Taxier
as TV Newscaster
Annie Glynn
as Newsstand Woman
Ritchie Montgomery
as Deputy Spiro
Stacy Ferguson
as Lucy
Sheldon Feldner
John Walsh
as TV Newscaster
Carole Kean
Wycliffe Young
as Globe Reporter
David McCharen


Bob Dahlin
David Levy
Peter L. Bergquist
Bob Dahlin
Barrie Guard
Composer (Music Score)
Raja Gosnell
Stephanie Palewski
Mark Conte
Kathleen Brodbeck
Costume Designer
Martin Becker
Special Effects
Doc Duhame
Penelope Stanley