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This feverishly energetic comedy combines stop-motion animation and live action from director Henry Selick, creator of The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) and James and the Giant Peach (1996). Brendan Fraser stars as Stu Miley, a cartoonist who created a randy monkey character called Monkeybone that has taken off in popularity, making him a celebrity. Stu's set to launch a TV series based on Monkeybone and marry his beautiful fiancée Julie (Bridget Fonda) when he's injured in a freak accident that puts him in a coma. He travels to Dark Town, a holding area for the comatose who wait to either regain consciousness or move on to the afterlife with the help of Death (Whoopi Goldberg). Dark Town is also a realm where fictional characters reside and before long Stu has met the vulgar Monkeybone, who travels back to the land of the living to inhabit Stu's body. Aided by Kitty ([[Performer~P47490~Rose McGowan~rosemcgowan]]), Stu must find a way to reclaim his body and put Monkeybone back in his place before the raunchy primate ruins his charmed life. Monkeybone is based on the cartoon graphic novel Dark Town by Kaja Blackley. ~ Karl Williams, Rovi

  • Release date:February 23, 2001


Brendan Fraser
as Stu Miley
Bridget Fonda
as Julie McElroy
Whoopi Goldberg
as Death
Chris Kattan
as O.D. Stu
Dave Foley
as Herb
Giancarlo Esposito
as Hypnos
Rose McGowan
as Kitty
Megan Mullally
as Kimmy
Lisa Zane
as Medusa
John Turturro
as Monkeybone


Henry Selick
Mark A. Radcliffe
Michael Barnathan
Kaja Blackley
Book Author
Sam Hamm
Andrew Dunn
Anne Dudley
Composer (Music Score)
Nicholas C. Smith
Mark Warner
Jon Poll
Bill Boes
Production Designer
Bruce Hill
Art Director
John Chichester
Art Director
Paula DuPre Pesman
Associate Producer
Chris Columbus
Executive Producer
Henry Selick
Executive Producer
Sam Hamm
Executive Producer
Lata Ryan
Executive Producer
Hugo Santiago
Set Designer
Everett Chasex
Set Designer
Jeff Ozimek
Set Designer
Martin Roy Mervel
Set Designer
A. Todd Holland
Set Designer
Beatrix Aruna Pasztor
Costume Designer
Jackie Carr
Set Decorator
Steve Boeddeker
Sound/Sound Designer
Geoffrey Patterson
Sound/Sound Designer
Mike Topoozian
First Assistant Director
Terry Clotiaux
Visual Effects Producer
Greg Cannom
Makeup Special Effects
Terry Clotiaux
Visual Effects
Keith Vanderlaan
Creature Effects
Philip Pfeiffer
Additional Cinematography
Peter Crosman
Second Unit Director
Lisa Satriano
Second Unit Assistant Director
Philip Pfeiffer
Second Unit Camera
Dan Bradley
Second Unit Director
Dan Bradley
Stunts Coordinator