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In the expatriate-littered Paris of the 1920s, painter Nick Hart (Keith Carradine) mingles with Ernest Hemingway (Kevin O'Connor) and other leading lights of the Lost Generation while palling around with gossip columnist Oiseau (Wallace Shawn), whose reportage has helped establish the international reputation of the writers and artists who fled America for France after WWI. Older and less successful than many of his fellow painters, Hart relies on gallery owner Libby Valentin (Genevieve Bujold) to sell what she can of his work while he supports himself drawing cartoons for Oiseau's weekly column. In a café one day, Hart spies Rachel Stone (Linda Fiorentino) on the arm of her husband, Bertram (John Lone), a condom magnate and art patron who's trying to buy his way into society. It seems Hart and Rachel share a romantic past of which Stone is completely unaware. At the salon of writers Gertrude Stein (Elsa Raven) and Alice B. Tolkas (Ali Giron), Hart suffers a nasty run-in with the Stones and meets Nathalie de Ville (Geraldine Chaplin), a rich socialite who wants to steal three paintings from her estranged husband. Nathalie plies Hart with sexual favors and the promise of cash in exchange for his help in forging copies of the paintings. Although he's loath to follow in the footsteps of his father, a gifted forger, Hart acquiesces, and soon his rivalry with Stone and his involvement with the forgeries leads to death, destruction, and scandal in the art world. Bujold, Shawn, Chaplin, and Carradine are all regular collaborators of iconoclastic director Alan Rudolph, who filmed The Moderns in Montréal and would go on to lens the similarly intellectual Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle. ~ Brian J. Dillard, Rovi

  • Release date:May 27, 1988


Awarded by
Los Angeles Film Critics Association Mark Isham Best Music Score 1987 Winner
Independent Spirit Awards Toyomichi Kurita Best Cinematography 1988 Nominee
Independent Spirit Awards Alan Rudolph Best Screenplay 1988 Nominee
Independent Spirit Awards John Lone Best Supporting Actor 1988 Nominee
Los Angeles Film Critics Association Geneviève Bujold Best Supporting Actress 1987 Winner


Keith Carradine
as Nick Hart
Linda Fiorentino
as Rachel Stone
John Lone
as Bertram Stone
Wallace Shawn
as Oiseau
Geneviève Bujold
as Libby Valentin
Geraldine Chaplin
as Nathalie de Ville
Kevin J. O'Connor
as Ernest Hemingway
Charlie Couture
as Charley
Elsa Raven
as Gertrude Stein
Ali Giron
as Alice B. Toklas
Gailard Sartain
as New York Critic
Michael Wilson
as Surrealist Poet
Paul Buissonneau
as Alexandre (Group Montparno)
Michael Rudder
as Buffy Buckley
Didier Hoffman
as Priest
Harry Hill
as Mr. Brown
Ranee Lee
as Black Chanteuse
Timothy Webber
as Stone's Business Associate
Hubert Loiselle
as Art Critic
Bob Gould
as Blackie
Brooke Smith
as Abigail
Pierre Chagnon
as Stone's Bodyguard #1
Marthe Turgeon
as Rose Selavy
Meegan Lee Ochs
as Francis
Danielle Schneider
as Fille de Nuit
Antonia Dauphin
as Babette
Beverley Murray
as Eve (Group Montparno)
Reynald Bouchard
as Chapelle


Alan Rudolph
Shep Gordon
John Bradshaw
Alan Rudolph
Jan Kiesser
Toyomichi Kurita
Mark Isham
Composer (Music Score)
Scott Brock
Carolyn Pfeiffer
David Blocker
Stuart M. Besser
Associate Producer
Shep Gordon
Executive Producer
Jean Baptiste Tard
Set Designer
Renee April
Costume Designer
Ronald Judkins
Sound/Sound Designer
Charlie Couture
Pam Dixon
Ginette D'Amico