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The Model Shop Details


George (Gary Lockwood) is a disillusioned 26-year-old who has just quit his stifling job. He lives in Los Angeles with an aspiring young actress named Gloria (Alexandra Hay), who is none too pleased with his recent unemployment. Hanging over his head is the constant threat of repossession of his car and the virtual certainty that he will be drafted into the army. He sees a beautiful woman in a big car and follows her to her home in the Hollywood hills. A rock-star friend loans him money for a car and he follows the mystery woman to a photography shop. Lola (Anouk Aimée) is an older French model who poses for photographs to pay the bills. After he takes pictures of her, he begins to fall in love with the woman. Gloria discovers the pictures and throws George out of the house. He returns to the model and the two have conversation over drinks before ending up in bed together. Lola wishes to return home to be with her young son and is reluctant to get involved in a relationship. George's relationship with Gloria ends when she leaves him over her failure to understand his motivations. He resigns himself to the fact he will be drafted and probably end up dead in a Vietnam rice paddy in this story of a young man in search of the greater meaning of life. ~ Dan Pavlides, Rovi

  • Release date:February 11, 1969


Anouk Aimée
as Lola
Gary Lockwood
as George Matthews
Alexandra Hay
as Gloria
Carol Cole
as Barbara
Severn Darden
as Portly Man
Tom Fielding
as Gerry
Neil Elliot
as Fred
Craig Littler
as Rob
Jeanne Sorel
as Secretary
Jon Lawson
as Tony
Fred Willard
as Gas Station Attendant
Anne Randall
as 2nd Model
Duke Hobbie
as David
Ken Prymus
as Short-Order Cook


Jacques Demy
Jacques Demy
Jacques Demy
Adrien Joyce
Adrien Joyce
Dialogue Writer
Michel Hugo
Marty Paich
Musical Direction/Supervision
Walter Thompson
Anthony Mondello
Set Designer
Rita Riggs
Costume Designer
Les Fresholtz
Sound/Sound Designer
Arthur Piantadosi
Sound/Sound Designer
Musical Performer