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Mississippi Masala is a tale of how prejudice makes victims and instigators of us all. In 1972, Indian Jay ([[Performer~P64602~Roshan Seth~roshanseth]]), a resident of Uganda, is forced by the bigoted Amin regime to take his family and flee the country. He vows to hate and distrust all blacks--at least until he is able to reclaim the real estate stolen from him by the Ugandan government. Flash-forward to 1990: Jay and his family have settled in Mississippi. Seth's daughter Mina ([[Performer~P12959~Sarit Choudhury~saritachoudhury]]) makes the acquaintance of African-American Demetrius ([[Performer~P74843~Denzel Washington~denzelwashington]]), the prosperous manager of a carpet-cleaning business. At first attracted to Mina because he is fascinated by her African background, Demetrius slowly falls in love with her. The situation causes Jay to exercise the same racial prejudice by which he was himself victimized. Ironically, Demetrius behaves just as foolishly, blaming Jay's ethnic chauvinism for a drop in his business. Both Jay and Demetrius must learn to bury their pasts and their prejudices to go on with their lives. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:February 5, 1992


Awarded by
Venice International Film Festival Sooni Taraporevala Osella d'Oro for Best Story and Screenplay 1991 Winner
NAACP Image Awards Denzel Washington Best Actor 1992 Winner
Venice International Film Festival Mira Nair Osella d'Oro for Best Story and Screenplay 1991 Winner


Denzel Washington
as Demetrius
Sarita Choudhury
as Mina
Roshan Seth
as Jay
Sharmila Tagore
as Kinnu
Charles S. Dutton
as Tyrone
Joe Seneca
as Williben
Ranjit Chowdhry
as Anil
Mohan Gokhale
as Pontiac
Tico Wells
as Dexter
Yvette Hawkins
as Aunt Rose
Anjan Srivastava
as Jammubhai
Dipti Suthar
as Chanda
Amrit Panesar
as Mrs. Bedi
Joyce Murrah
as Lady at Lusco's
Muteta Wilberforce
as Soldier at Roadblock
Richard Crick
as White Customer
Emanuel Mudara
as Young Okelo
Hollis Pippin
as Sylvester Artiste III
Karen Pinkston
as Mrs. Morgan
Natalie Oliver
as Alicia LeShay
Rick Senn
as Piggly Wiggly Checker
Tony McGhee
as 1st Rapper
Immaculate Byakatonda
as Okelo's Mother
Konga Mbandu
as Okelo
Nora Boland
as 1st Shop-at-Home Anchor Person
Sadie Carr
as Mildre
Tre'demont Spearman
as 3rd Rapper
Jaimini Thaker
as Kanti Bhai
Larry Haggard
as Joe
Patsy Garrett
as 2nd Shop-at-Home Anchor Person
Sahira Nair
as Young Mina
Varsha Thaker
as Kusumben
Jerone Wiggins
as James
Mahlon Bouldin
as Student
Ashok Lath
as Harry Patel
Sam Sherrill
as Phinias T. Turnbull
Willy Cobbs
as Skillet
Buddy St Amant
as Biloxi Cop
Jim Haffey
as White Truck Driver
Michael Wawuyo
as Soldier on Bus
Phavin Parbario
as Young Jay
Joseph Olita
as Idi Amin
Stacy Swinford
as Bubba
Mira Nair
as 1st Gossip
Dewey Buffington
as Evangelist
Cyreio Hughes
as D.J.
Jimmy Din
as Bharat
Argentina Moore
as 4th Rapper
Rajika Puri
as 2nd Gossip
Ben Burford
as Bank Manager


Mira Nair
Mira Nair
Lydia Dean Pilcher
Michael Nozik
Mitch Epstein
Sooni Taraporevala
Edward Lachman
Roberto Silvi
Mitch Epstein
Production Designer
Jefferson Sage
Art Director
Jeanette Scott
Set Designer
Hope Hanafin
Costume Designer
Susan Lyall
Costume Designer