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Mission: Impossible Details


After he is framed for the death of several colleagues and falsely branded a traitor, a secret agent embarks on a daring scheme to clear his name in this spy adventure. Though it drew its name from the familiar television series, director [[Performer~P17596~Brian DePalma~briandepalma]]'s big-budget adaptation shares little more with the original show than the occasional self-destructing message and the name of team leader Jim Phelps ([[Performer~P115561~Jon Voight~jonvoight]]). The film focuses not on Phelps but his protégé, Ethan Hunt (a reserved [[Performer~P86295~Tom Cruise~tomcruise]]), who becomes a fugitive after taking the blame for a botched operation. He responds by banding together with a group of fellow renegades, and he is soon maneuvering his way through a twisted series of double crosses that mainly serve as excuses for spectacular high-tech action sequences. Much of the activity revolves around a missing computer disk, with the film's most famous scene depicting Hunt's delicate efforts to retrieve the disk from a secure, well-alarmed room in CIA headquarters. ~ Judd Blaise, Rovi

  • Release date:May 22, 1996


Tom Cruise
as Ethan Hunt
Jon Voight
as Jim Phelps
Emmanuelle Béart
as Claire
Henry Czerny
as Kittridge
Jean Reno
as Krieger
Ving Rhames
as Luther
John McLaughlin
as TV Interviewer
Gaston Subert
as Jaroslav Reid
Andreas Wisniewski
as Max's Companion
Melissa Knatchbull
as Air Stewardess
Rudolf Pechan
as Mayor Brandl
Garick Hagon
as CNN Reporter
Ion Caramitru
as Zozimov
Maya Dokic
as Kiev Room Agent
Rolf Saxon
as CIA Analyst William Donloe
Vanessa Redgrave
as Max
Richard Sharp
as CIA Lobby Guard
David Phelan
as Steward on Train
Helen Lindsay
as Female Executive in Train
Marek Vasut
as Drunken IMF Agent
Randall Paul
as CIA Escort Guard
Bob Friend
as Sky News Man
David Shaeffer
as Diplomat Rand Housman
Ingeborga Dapkunaite
as Hannah
Mark Houghton
as Denied Area Security Guard
Ricco Ross
as Denied Area Security Guard
Dale Dye
as Frank Barnes
Carmela Marner
as Kiev Room Agent
Annabel Mullion
as Flight Attendant
Pat Starr
as CIA Agent
Karel Dobry
as Matthias
Nathan Osgood
as Kittridge Technician
Emilio Estevez
as Jack
David Schneider
as Train Engineer
Sam Douglas
as Kiev Room Agent
Marcel Iures
as Golitsyn
Graydon Gould
as Public Official
Jirina Trebicka
as Cleaning Woman
Mimi Potworowska
as Kiev Room Agent
Tony Vogel
as M15 Agent
Andrzej Borkowski
as Kiev Room Agent
Morgan Deare
as Donald Hunt
Valentina Yakunina
as Drunken IMF Agent
Kristin Scott Thomas
as Sarah Davies
Michael Rogers
as Large Man


Brian De Palma
Tom Cruise
Paula Wagner
Robert Towne
Willard Huyck
Steven Zaillian
David Koepp
Gloria Katz
Stephen H. Burum
Danny Elfman
Composer (Music Score)
Danny Elfman
Lalo Schifrin
Composer (Music Score)
Paul Hirsch
Norman Reynolds
Production Designer
Fred Hole
Art Director
Paul Hitchcock
Executive Producer
Penny Rose
Costume Designer
David Crozier
Sound/Sound Designer
Chris Soldo
First Assistant Director
Patsy Pollock
Mali Finn
Jon Foreman
Model Effects
Tony Eckert
Foley Mixer
John Goodson
Model Effects
Robert "Bobby Z" Zajonc
Rob Bottin
Scott McNamara
Model Effects
Eben Stromquist
Model Effects
Martin Rosenberg
Model Effects
David Dranitzke
Model Effects
Alison O'Brien
Digital Effects