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Celebrated sci-fi writer Neil Gaiman, who created the Sandman series, scripted this visually adventurous fantasy. Helena (Stephanie Leonidas) is a 15-year-old girl who has spent nearly her entire life on the road, traveling with her parents Joanne and Morris (Gina McKee and Rob Brydon), who make a living as circus performers. One night, Helena wishes for a quieter and more stable life, only to panic when her mother falls seriously ill, ending up in the hospital. Afraid she's caused her mother's illness, Helena slips into an alternate reality known as the Dark Lands, where nearly everything behaves differently and all is ruled by the Queen of Light and the Prime Minister (also played by McKee and Brydon). As it happens, the Queen of Shadows' daughter, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Helena, has gone missing; the Queen of Light has fallen unconscious as a result; and both queens' minders are looking for the child. As Helena struggles to make her way back to her own world to help her own mother, she discovers the Queen of Shadows' daughter has taken her place. Helena is aided in her journey by a gifted juggler named Valentine (Jason Barry), and together they seek to access a magic charm which will return everyone to the land where they belong. MirrorMask was produced by the Jim Henson Company, with most of the sets and many of the characters created using digital-effects technology. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:September 30, 2005


Jason Barry
as Valentine
Rob Brydon
as Morris Campbell / Prime Minister
Stephanie Leonidas
as Helena / Anti-Helena
Gina McKee
as Joanne / Queen of Light / Queen of Shadows


Dave McKean
Simon Moorhead
Dave McKean
Screen Story
Neil Gaiman
Screen Story
Neil Gaiman
Iain Ballamy
Composer (Music Score)
Dave McKean
Production Designer
Zoe Trodden
Supervising Art Director
Lisa Henson
Executive Producer
Martin G. Baker
Executive Producer
Michael Polis
Executive Producer
Robert Lever
Costume Designer
Ian Sands
Sound/Sound Designer
Jim Henson's Creature Shop
Special Effects
Joe Lea
First Assistant Director
Louis Hammond
Max McMullin
CGI Effects