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Mike's Murder Details


An ordinary woman is unwittingly led into California's criminal underbelly in this drama. Betty Parrish (Debra Winger) is a bank teller who is involved in a rather sporadic relationship with Mike (Mark Keyloun), a low-level tennis pro who supplements his income by dealing cocaine on the side. One night, Betty finds herself stood up by Mike and discovers that there's a good reason why he hasn't shown up -- he's been killed. It seems that Mike and his friend Pete (Darrell Larson) were acting as middlemen in a deal for one of the city's major drug suppliers. Mike and Pete made the mistake of siphoning off some of the cocaine for their own purposes (Mike wanted product to sell to his customers, while Pete needed to satisfy his growing addiction to coke), and the dealer's thugs had Mike eliminated rather than allowing him to steal from their boss. Betty and Pete want to find out the truth about how and why Mike was murdered, and their journey leads them into the darkest regions of the Los Angeles underworld. Mike's Murder went through extensive revisions between its first previews and its final release; pop singer and songwriter Joe Jackson, then at the height of his popularity, composed a score for the film, and a soundtrack album of his music appeared in stores several months before the film's belated release. However, by that time much of Jackson's music had been replaced with a new score by John Barry. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:March 9, 1984


Debra Winger
as Betty Parrish
Mark Keyloun
as Mike
Darrell Larson
as Pete
Brooke Alderson
as Patty
Paul Winfield
as Phillip
Robert Crosson
as Sam
William Ostrander
as Randy
Freeman King
as Killer
April Ferry
as Boss Lady
Lorraine Butler
as Beautiful Girl
Steven Solberg
as Party Goer
Mark High
as Ben
Ruth Winger
as Betty's Mother
Kym Malin
as Beautiful Girl
Dawn Abraham
as Beautiful Girl
Sarah Zinsser
as Girl in Videotape
James Carrington
as Jim
Dan Shor
as Richard
Frank Cavestani
as Charles


James Bridges
James Bridges
Jack Larson
James Bridges
Reynaldo Villalobos
John Barry
Composer (Music Score)
Dede Allen
Jeff Gourson
Peter Jamison
Production Designer
Hub Braden
Art Director
Jack Larson
Associate Producer
Kim Kurumada
Executive Producer
April Ferry
Costume Designer
Willie D. Burton
Sound/Sound Designer
Albert M. Shapiro
First Assistant Director
Charles Minsky
Camera Operator
Mark Reedall