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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie Details


The popular children's television show comes to the screen in this sci-fi adventure about a group of teenage superheroes battling an evil leader bent on world domination. The film's six heroes lead double existences as normal young teens who, when needed, don color-coded costumes to become the Power Rangers. Under the guidance of the valiant Zordon (Nicholas Bell), the Rangers fight crime with kung-fu skills and specialized attack vehicles. This time, the Rangers are battling Ivan Ooze (Paul Freeman), a millennia-old villain who hopes to take over the world with an army of phlegm creatures. The Rangers' only hope for victory is to acquire a special power source, leading to a dangerous journey into outer space. Despite the larger budget, the film remains true to the style of the show, which often recalls Japanese monster movies in its depictions of battling giant monsters through obvious special effects. The fast-paced fantasy action attracted a good portion of its intended youthful audience, while not becoming quite as much of a sensation as the TV series; some adults attacked the film for its reliance on violence (though of a bloodless, cartoon variety) and its status as a blatant promotional tool for the best-selling Power Ranger toys. ~ Judd Blaise, Rovi

  • Release date:June 30, 1995


Karen Ashley
as Aisha/Yellow Ranger
Steve Cardenas
as Rocky/Red Ranger
Amy Jo Johnson
Mitchell McMahon
as Kid
Robert Simper
as Construction Worker
Robert Axelrod
Barbara Goodson
Julia Cortez
as Rita Repulsa
Kerry Casey
as Goldar
Paul Goddard
as Construction Worker
Paul Freeman
as Ivan Ooze
Peter Mochrie
as Mr Kelman
Nicholas Bell
as Zordon
Jamie Croft
as Fred Kelman
Gabrielle Fitzpatrick
as Dulcea
Paul Schrier
as Bulk


Bryan Spicer
Haim Saban
Suzanne Todd
Shuki Levy
Arne Olsen
Bob Clayton
Musical Direction/Supervision
Graeme Revell
Graeme Revell
Composer (Music Score)
Wayne Wahrman
Craig Stearns
Production Designer
Colin Gibson
Art Director
David Coatsworth
Joseph Porro
Costume Designer
Richard Helmer
Special Effects
Steve Love
First Assistant Director
Erik Henry

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