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Mesa of Lost Women Details


Mutated spiders, mad geniuses, childlike mental patients, gold-digging blondes, and vengeful little people are only part of the madness in this legendary bit of oddball science fiction. Grant ([[Performer~P38745~Robert Knapp~robertknapp]]) and Doreen ([[Performer~P32329~Mary Hill~maryhill]]) wander into a shack in the wastelands of Mexico's Muerto Desert, where the sunburned and dehydrated pair tell their tale to a surveyor for an American petroleum firm. Grant was working as a pilot for millionaire businessman Jan Van Croft ([[Performer~P41724~Nico Lek~nicolek]]), who was to marry the much younger Doreen when engine trouble stranded them in a Mexican border town. Jan and Doreen were killing time in a roadhouse when they were joined by the eccentric Dr. Leland Masterson ([[Performer~P211427~Harmon Stevens~harmonstevens]]), who had recently escaped from a mental hospital. Before Masterson's nurse, George ([[Performer~P4241~George Barrows~georgebarrows]]), can lure his patient back to the hospital, Masterson pulls a gun and shoots entertainer Tarantella ([[Performer~P58301~Tandra Quinn~tandraquinn]]) while she performs a wild dance routine; Masterson then takes Jan and Doreen hostage and demands that Grant fly them away. Further engine trouble strands the traveling party on a mesa, where they discover a handful of strange, tiny men and statuesque women. In time, we discover that Masterson knows the story behind the Mesa's unusual residents -- they're the products of a series of experiments by Dr. Aranya ([[Performer~P14674~Jackie Coogan~jackiecoogan]]), whose research into the pituitary glands of spiders has produced unusual results. The only screen credit for screenwriter and co-director [[Performer~P70400~Herbert Tevos~herberttevos]] (who helmed the project with Southern exploitation icon [[Performer~P105157~Ron Ormond~ronormond]]), Mesa of Lost Women also features a memorably irritating guitar-and-piano score and a brief appearance by [[Performer~P25300~Dolores Fuller~doloresfuller]], best known for her work with one-time beau [[Performer~P117260~Edward D. Wood Jr.~edwarddwoodjr]] ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:June 17, 1953


Jackie Coogan
as Dr. Aranya
Richard Travis
as Dan Mulcahey
Allan Nixon
as "Doc" Tucker
Robert Knapp
as Grant Phillips
Chris-Pin Martin
as Pepe
John Martin
as Frank
Lyle Talbot
as Narrator


Karl Struss
Gilbert Warrenton
Hoyt Curtin
Composer (Music Score)
Hugh Wynn
Joy N. Houck, Jr.
Executive Producer