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Men Suddenly in Black Details


[[Performer~P305817~Ho Cheung Ping~edmondpang]], who wrote the novel that was the basis for [[Feature~V255698~Fulltime Killer~fulltimekiller]] and made his directorial debut with the crime comedy [[Feature~V262158~You Shoot, I Shoot~maihungpakyan]], returns to the parody genre with his second film, Men Suddenly in Black. [[Performer~P114646~Eric Tsang~erictsang]] does a takeoff of his role in [[Feature~V283270~Infernal Affairs~infernalaffairs]], playing Tin, the leader of a group of four men who enact an intricate plot to cheat on their significant others while the women are away for the day in Thailand. The others are Cheung ([[Performer~P215133~Jordan Chan~jordanchan]]), a relatively straight-laced doctor; Chao ([[Performer~P346644~Chapman To~chapmanto]]), the fun-loving goofball of the group; and Paul ([[Performer~P389694~Spirit Blue~spiritblue]]), Tin's virginal nephew. All their machinations threaten to unravel when they discover that their wives, played by [[Performer~P49800~Teresa Mo~teresamo]], [[Performer~P389693~Marsha Yuan~marshayuan]], [[Performer~P389692~Tiffany Lee~tiffanylee]], and [[Performer~P328759~Candy Lo~candylo]] ([[Feature~V280229~The Eye~theeye]]), never left for Thailand and are following them. The men begin to suspect that there is a traitor in their midst. They face many obstacles, but they soldier on to honor "Ninth Uncle" ([[Performer~P36583~Tony Leung~tonyleungkarfai]] of [[Feature~V146201~Dragon Inn~dragoninn]]), who once took the fall for them when their wives showed up at their favorite strip club and who is now imprisoned in his home by his vengeful wife ([[Performer~P232804~Sandra Ng~sandrang]]). The film presents all this material in the style of a typical Hong Kong action film, with many references to other films and cameos by [[Performer~P95179~Sammo Hung~sammohung]], [[Performer~P69718~Alan Tam~alantam]], [[Performer~P353876~Maria Cordero~mariaelenacordero]], and others. [[Performer~P305817~Ping~edmondpang]] won Best New Director and [[Performer~P36583~Leung~tonyleungkarfai]] Best Supporting Actor at the 2004 Hong Kong Film Awards. The film was shown at the 2004 New York Asian American International Film Festival. ~ Josh Ralske, Rovi