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An excellent musical score by the Bee Gees adds appeal to this curious little movie about two ten-year olds, Daniel and Melody ([[Performer~P221354~Mark Lester~marklester]] and [[Performer~P34230~Tracy Hyde~tracyhyde]]) who are completely taken with each other and announce to their parents, in all seriousness, that they plan to get married. This marriage is not planned for the distant future, but as soon as possible. The uproar that is caused when their seriousness becomes clear is not too surprising. Their best friend Ornshaw ([[Performer~P76221~Jack Wild~jackwild]]) is not too thrilled with their plan either. What makes the film work is that the entire story is told from the children's point of view in which the grownups' objections, since they have no relation to the truth of what the children are feeling, come across as silly or inconsequential. This film is a reunion of sorts for Oscar-winning [[Feature~V36175~Oliver!~oliver]] co-stars [[Performer~P221354~Mark Lester~marklester]] and [[Performer~P76221~Jack Wild~jackwild]] ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi


Jack Wild
as Ornshaw
Mark Lester
as Daniel
Tracy Hyde
as Melody
Sheila Steafel
as Mrs. Latimer
Roy Kinnear
as Mr. Perkins
Hilda Barry
as Grandma Perkins
Billy Franks
as Burgess
James Cossins
as Headmaster
Colin Barrie
as Chambers
Camille Davies
as Muriel
Tracy Reed
as Man and Woman in Hospital, TV Film
Ken Jones
as Mr. Dicks
Leonard Brockwell
Tim Wylton
as Mr. Fellows
William Vanderpuye
as O'Leary
Kay Skinner
as Peggy
Peter Walton
as Fensham
June Jago
as Miss Fairfax
June C. Ellis
as Miss Dimkins
Craig Marriott
as Dadds
Neil Hallett
Lesley Roach
Dawn Hope
as Maureen


Waris Hussein
David Puttnam
Alan Parker
Andrew Birkin
Peter Suschitzky
Roy Stannard
Art Director
Adrian Gaye
Associate Producer
Betty Blattner