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Meet Wally Sparks Details


Comic Rodney Dangerfield co-wrote and stars in this outrageous comedy. Wally Sparks (Dangerfield) is the host of a sleazy tabloid-style talk show who makes Jerry Springer seem genteel by comparison. Wally's show has become so foul that he's alienated his not-especially-discriminating viewers, and his ratings are taking a nosedive. Lenny Spencer (Burt Reynolds), head of the network carrying Wally's show, gives the host an ultimatum -- he has a week to clean up the show and boost his ratings, or his show gets cancelled. Wally's producer Sandy Gallo (Debi Mazar) comes up with an idea -- Floyd Preston (David Ogden Stiers) is the governor of Georgia and a staunch conservative known for his attacks on the lowbrow content of Wally's show, so what better way to show people that Wally is trying to change his ways than having Preston on the show as a guest? In order to persuade the Governor to appear, Wally attends a reception at Preston's mansion, where he makes the mistake of getting in a drunken game of strip poker with Preston's wife Emily (Cindy Williams) and somehow involving himself in a plot to blackmail the Governor. Meet Wally Sparks is packed with cameos in which noted show business figures play themselves, ranging from Tim Allen, Jay Leno, and Bob Saget to Michael Bolton, Ron Jeremy, and Jerry Springer himself. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi


Rodney Dangerfield
as Wally Sparks
Debi Mazar
as Sandy Gallo
Cindy Williams
as Emily Preston
Burt Reynolds
as Lenny Spencer
David Ogden Stiers
as Gov. Floyd Preston
Alan Rachins
as Judge Randall Williams


Peter Baldwin
Leslie Greif
Harry Basil
Rodney Dangerfield
Michel Colombier
Raul Davalos
Steve Karman
Art Director
Harry Basil
Alexandra Welker
Costume Designer
Stephen Halbert
Sound/Sound Designer
Fern Champion
Mark Paladini
Charlie Picerni
Stunts Coordinator

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