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Medium Straight Details


It's not a good idea to kill the children of important mobsters, whether by accident or on purpose. So when Nick Harding (Jerome Lepage) accidentally shots Joey Mannucci (Ron Sanborn) while working out a drug deal with him, he has reason to fear that his father, Mo Mannucci, will send one or more hit men after him. Nick goes to ground at his uncle's farm with his girlfriend Grandee (Anne Lilly), and (mistakenly) believes he has killed the mobster's CPA son. Fortunately for Nick, he has a cousin (Richard Schiff) who knows what's what, The cousin, Pat, arranges a meeting between Joey and Nick so that they can patch over the difficulties arising from their earlier meeting. Unfortunately for Nick, he is too clever for his own good, and the meeting does not go smoothly. ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi


Richard Schiff
as Pat Harding
Anne Lilly
as Grandee