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The classic Burt Reynolds football-behind-bars flick The Longest Yard crosses the pond and gets an appropriate British accent in the process in this rough-and-tumble mixture of sports and action-comedy. Danny Mehan (Vinnie Jones) was one of the biggest stars in British football (what Americans call soccer), until he was caught rigging a game during a championship tournament. In the wake of this scandal, Danny's career takes a nosedive and his life spins out of control, until he finally ends up in prison for three years on an assault and battery conviction. Danny discovers there are a number of football fans behind bars who still hate him for fixing the game, but Danny has one powerful fan in this prison. The warden (David Hemmings) is a devoted football supporter with a taste for gambling; he's been trying to assemble a semi-pro team comprised of the prison's guards, but Danny is just smart enough to know this would seal his fate with his fellow prisoners. Instead, he offers to put together a team of inmates, who can play practice games against the guards. A new inmate, Sykes (John Forgeham), gets wind of Danny's idea and arranges an exhibition match between Danny's new team and the guards, though Sykes' motivation is more than just good fun. A powerful bookie, Sykes lost a fortune on the game Danny threw, and expects betting to be heavy for this game. If Danny and his men win, Sykes could make back the fortune he lost, but if the guards come out ahead, Danny's goose is cooked. Can Danny turn a gang of losers, misfits, and violent psychopaths -- including muscle-bound lunatic Monk (Jason Statham), creepy but loyal Billy the Limpit (Danny Dyer), tough guy Massive (Vas Blackwood), pyromaniac Nitro (Robbie Gee), and enthusiastic but out-of-shape Raj (Omid Djalili) -- into a proper team with a fighting chance of winning? Mean Machine was produced by Matthew Vaughn, who was also behind Guy Ritchie's tough-but-stylish crime comedies Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. Star Vinnie Jones, by the way, enjoyed a career as a professional footballer in Great Britain before turning to acting. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:February 22, 2002


Vinnie Jones
as Danny Meehan
Jason Statham
as Monk
David Kelly
as Doc
David Hemmings
as Prison Governor
Vas Blackwood
as Massive
Jason Flemyng
as Bob
Danny Dyer
as Billy The Limpet
Robbie Gee
as Trojan
John Forgeham
as Sykes
Andrew Grainger
as Ketch
Stephen Walters
as Nitro
Omid Djalili
as Raj
Ralph Brown
as Burton
Geoff Bell
as Ratchet
Sally Phillips
as Tracey


Barry Skolnick
Matthew Vaughn
Eddie Hamilton
Guy Ritchie
Executive Producer
Albert S. Ruddy
Executive Producer
Stephanie Collie
Costume Designer
Simon Hayes
Sound/Sound Designer
David Reid
First Assistant Director
Gary Davy