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March of the Penguins Details

  • Release Date: Jun 24, 2005
  • Rated: Suitable for All
  • Runtime: 1 hr. 20 min.
  • Genres: Documentary, Family
  • Director:Luc Jacquet
  • Cast:Morgan Freeman.


While many people think of penguins as comical birds who look like they've been decked out in tuxedos, the truth is they're among the strongest and most resilient creatures in the animal kingdom. And they have to be -- each year, the emperor penguins of Antarctica travel through the most punishing environment on Earth to their nesting grounds, and after the females lay their eggs, the males keep them warm while their mates walk 70 miles back to the sea to fatten themselves with fish for themselves and their young. Filmmaker Luc Jacquet spent over a year braving the frigid temperatures of the South Pole to film this annual ritual of the penguins, and March of the Penguins documents their brave struggle to survive, as well as the close emotional bonds between the penguin families. March of the Penguins was first screened in France as La Marche de l'Empereur, with a handful of French actors providing a voice-over in which they expressed the "thoughts" of the penguins; for the American edition, Morgan Freeman was brought in to deliver a more straightforward narration. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

  • Release date:June 24, 2005


Awarded by
British Academy of Film and Television Arts Jerome Maison Best Cinematography 2005 Nominee
British Academy of Film and Television Arts Laurent Chalet Best Cinematography 2005 Nominee
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Luc Jacquet Best Documentary Feature 2005 Winner
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Yves Darondeau Best Documentary 2005 Winner
Writers Guild of America Jordan Roberts Best Documentary Screenplay 2005 Nominee
British Academy of Film and Television Arts Sabine Emiliani Best Editing 2005 Nominee
Sabine Emiliani Sabine Emiliani Best Edited Documentary 2005 Nominee


Luc Jacquet
Yves Darondeau
Christophe Lioud
Emmanuel Priou
Michel Fessler
Luc Jacquet
Luc Jacquet
Screen Story
Jerome Maison
Laurent Chalet
Alex Wurman
Composer (Music Score)
Sabine Emiliani
Ilann Girard
Executive Producer
Laurent Quaglio
Sound/Sound Designer
Jerome Maison
First Assistant Director
Gerard Lamps
Sound Mixer
Daniel Longuein
Production Manager
Pascal Dedeye
Foley Artist
Larry Mah
Laetitia Roure
Post Production Coordinator
Armelle Mahe
Foley Recordist
Emilie Feret
Special Effects Coordinator
Alan Steinberger
Musical Performer
Emmanuelle Zelez
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Valentine Duley
Assistant Editor
Alex Wurman
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Francois De Riberolles
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Re-Recording Mixer