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Map of the Human Heart Details


A white, Inuit boy named Avik is the focus of New Zealand director Vincent Ward's meditation on race and romance. In the opening moments of the movie, set in 1931 in the Arctic-Canadian settlement Nunataaq, Avik (portrayed initially by Robert Joamie) lives under the watchful eye of his grandmother (Jayko Pitseolak). While tagging along after British cartographer Walter Russell (Patrick Bergin), Avik falls prey to the "white man's disease,"--tuberculosis; to assuage his own guilt, Russell takes the boy to a Montreal clinic to recover. There, Avik meets Albertine, a mixed-blood Indian girl, and the two fall in love, but their relationship is quickly broken up by the Mother Superior who is in charge of the clinic. Years later, Avik again meets Russell, who this time is on a mission to recover the German U-boat lying wrecked off the coast of Nunataaq. Avik asks for Russell's help in learning the whereabouts of Albertine, and he gives the cartographer a chest X-ray of the girl which he has carried with him since their separation. More time elapses, and Avik (now played by Jason Scott Lee) has become a British bombardier fighting in World War II. He is sought out by Albertine (Anne Parillaud), who has become Russell's mistress. Still, she begins an affair with Avik; Russell soon finds out, and as revenge sends Avik and his crew on a suicide mission of which Avik is the lone survivor. Despondent over his war experiences, Avik flees to Canada, where he becomes an alcoholic; decades later, he is sought out by Rainee (Clotilde Courau), the daughter born from his affair with Albertine. On his way to the girl's wedding, Avik is killed in an accident; his body washes up on the beach at Nunataaq, a wedding gift still clutched in his arms. ~ Jason Ankeny, Rovi


Jason Scott Lee
as Avik
Anne Parillaud
as Albertine
Patrick Bergin
as Walter Russell
Robert Joamie
as Young Avik
Annie Galipeau
as Young Albertine
John Cusack
as The Mapmaker
Jeanne Moreau
as Sister Banville
Ben Mendelsohn
as Farmboy
Clotilde Courau
as Rainee
Jerry Snell
as Boleslaw
Gordon Masten
as Capt. Johns
Griffith Brewer
as Homeguard
Monique Spaziani
as Nurse Beatrice
Bronwen Mantel
as Woman Guest
Harry Hill
as X-Ray Doctor
Richard Zeman
as Military Policeman
Minor Mustain
as Army Sergeant
Kliment Denchev
as Doctor on Boat
Charlotte Coleman
as Julie


Vincent Ward
Tim Bevan
Louis Nowra
Vincent Ward
Vincent Ward
Screen Story
Horton Foote
Eduardo Serra
Gabriel Yared
Composer (Music Score)
Frans Vandenburg
John Scott
George Akers
John Beard
Production Designer
Jean Baptiste Tard
Art Director
Paul Saltzman
Sylvaine Sainderichin
Timothy White
Vincent Ward
Redmond Morris
Associate Producer
Harvey Weinstein
Executive Producer
Bob Weinstein
Executive Producer
Graham Bradstreet
Executive Producer
Michele Forest
Set Designer
Renee April
Costume Designer
Penny Rose
Costume Designer
Pedro Gandol
First Assistant Director
Kate Dowd
Micheline Trepanier