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The Manhattan Project Details


Everyone knows that teenagers are smarter than adults, and if given a chance the kids could save the world -- if they don't blow it to bits first. The Manhattan Project tells of how 16-year-old Paul Stephens (Christopher Collet) tries to alert his community to the dangers of nuclear energy. John Mathewson (John Lithgow), a doctor in a pharmaceutical research plant wherein covert plutonium experiments are taking place, is the boyfriend of Paul's mom, Elizabeth (Jill Eikenberry). While Mathewson is romantically occupied, Paul and his girl, Jenny Anderman (Cynthia Nixon), steal the plutonium and construct their own atomic bomb. They do this, of course, as a warning to foolhardy grown-ups -- none more foolhardy than the folks who put up good money to make this film. The Manhattan Project was directed by longtime Woody Allen collaborator Marshall Brickman, whose expert sense of comic timing obscures the thickheaded "message" of this picture. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

  • Release date:June 13, 1986


John Lithgow
as John Mathewson
Christopher Collet
as Paul Stephens
Cynthia Nixon
as Jenny Anderman
Jill Eikenberry
as Elizabeth Stephens
John Mahoney
as Lieutenant Colonel Conroy
Sully Boyar
as Night Guard
Richard Council
as Government
Peter McRobbie
as Electronics
Charlie Fields
as Price [Science Fair]
Richard Caselnova
as SWATS [Medatomics Lab]
Robert Sean Leonard
as Max
Tom Tarpey
as Injection Doctor
Bran Ferren
as Lab Assistant
J.D. Cullum
as Eccles
Curt Dempster
as Scientist
Stephen Markle
as Examiner Nuclear Urgency
David Quinn
as Tennis
Bruce Smolanoff
as Child
Steve Zettler
as [Medatomics Lab]
Timothy Carhart
as Relief Guard
Ned Schmidtke
as Jenny's Dad
Heather Rose Dominic
as Flirting Kid
Joan Harris
as TV Reporter Barbara Collins
Robert Schenkkan
as Civil Servant University
Bruce Jarchow
as Examiner Nuclear Urgency
Katherine Hiler
as Emma
John Doumanian
as Cabbie
Manny Jacobs
as Moore
Dan Butler
as [Medatomics Lab]
Al Cerullo
as Helicopter Pilot [Nuclear Emergency Search Team]
Edward D. Murphy
as FBI
Ken Chapin
as Controler Nuclear Urgency
Frank Ferrara
as [Medatomics Lab]
Harlan Cary Poe
as Local FBI
Fred Melamed
as Assay Technician
Adrian Sparks
as Scientist
Warren Keith
as Computer [Nuclear Emergency Search Team]
Paul Austin
as General
Richard Jenkins
as Controler Medatomic Lab
Warren Manzi
as Day Attendant
Jimmie Ray Weeks
as [Medatomics Lab]
Geoffrey Nauffts
as Craig
Gregg Edelman
as Science Teacher
Alec Massey
as FBI


Marshall Brickman
Marshall Brickman
Jennifer Ogden
Marshall Brickman
Book Author
Thomas Baum
Marshall Brickman
Philippe Sarde
Composer (Music Score)
Nina Feinberg
Philip Rosenberg
Production Designer
Robert Guerra
Art Director
Shay Cunliffe
Costume Designer
Abigail Murray
Costume Designer
Les Lazarowitz
Sound/Sound Designer
Bran Ferren
Special Effects
Ron Bozman
First Assistant Director
Frank Ferrara
Jennifer Ogden
Production Manager