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Malone Details


Malone (Burt Reynolds) has been a "wet" operative for the CIA for many years, serving his country by performing assassinations. He is tired of his job and wants to get out of "the company" (as it is called) and live a normal life. He is looking along the Pacific Northwest for a place to settle down when his much-cherished classic Mustang breaks down outside the town of Comstock. He manages to get to a small gas station and is treated like family by a Vietnam veteran, who is the station's owner, and his daughter. They are suffering from the nefarious activities of a local bigwig (Cliff Robertson) to take over all the land in the city in a hare-brained development scheme. He soon runs afoul of the town sheriff, who is basically an employee of the developer, but eventually wins his respect. Meanwhile, the CIA is none too pleased to hear of Malone's intended retirement and send a succession of hit-men after him to ensure that he divulges none of their dirty secrets. Malone destroys the first two killers at some cost to his own well-being. The next assassin turns out to be a woman who is susceptible to his charms. Meanwhile, he has a thorough-going local scoundrel to put out of business. ~ Clarke Fountain, Rovi

  • Release date:May 1, 1987


Burt Reynolds
as Richard Malone
Cliff Robertson
as Charles Delaney
Kenneth McMillan
as Sheriff Hawkins
Cynthia Gibb
as Jo Barlow
Scott Wilson
as Paul Barlow
Lauren Hutton
as Jamie
Philip Anglim
as Harvey
Tracey Walter
as Calvin Bollard
Dennis Burkley
as Dan Bollard
Stephen E. Miller
as Clinton
Tom McBeath
as Stringbean
Blu Mankuma
as Rev. Danby
Duncan Fraser
as Malone's Target
Frank C. Turner
as Andy
Campbell Lane
as Tom Riggs
Don S. Davis
as Buddy
Christianne Hirt
as Girl in Wagon
Graydon Gould
as Lawyer
Walter Marsh
as Congressman
Mavor Moore
as Hausmann
Janne Mortil
as Helen
Dwight McFee
as Harry
Brooks Patterson Gardner
as Patterson
Don Mackay
as Dr. Florian
Tom Herton
as Eli
Mike Kirton
as Frank
Bill Buck
as Banker
Alex Diakun
as Madrid


Harley Cokliss
Leo L. Fuchs
Rudolph Wurlitzer
Christopher Frank
David Newman
Composer (Music Score)
Todd Ramsay
Graeme Murray
Production Designer
Mary Eilts
Associate Producer
Gerard Croce
Associate Producer
Norman Salling
Costume Designer
Richard van Dyke
Sound/Sound Designer
Dennis Dion
Special Effects
Bud Davis
Bud Davis
Stunts Coordinator
Phyllis Newman
Tom Ellingwood