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Magic in the Water Details


Set in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, this magical family tale centers on a divorced radio talk show psychiatrist who has been so immersed in his career that he has neglected his two kids, Ashley and Josh. To rectify the situation, he takes them to a beautiful lakeside cabin in Glenorky, BC, the supposed home of a giant mythological reptilian monster. Though he has ostensibly come to spend time with the kids, the lure of working on his book is too strong and soon he is locked away in the cabin amidst papers, a cellular phone and a lap-top, busily clacking away while the children head out to explore. It is Ashley who first sees the mythical monster. She tells her dad, and of course, he initially disbelieves her, but the girl seems so earnest that he begins to wonder. His investigation of the matter leads him down a magical road to reconciliation with his children and the rediscovery that there is a wonderful life outside of his career. He even manages to find a little love along the way. This film is also known as Glenorky. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

  • Release date:August 30, 1995


Awarded by
Genie Awards Irving Mulch Best Sound Editing 1996 Nominee
Genie Awards Jacqueline Christianini Best Sound Editing 1996 Nominee
Genie Awards Marc Chiasson Best Sound Editing 1996 Nominee
Genie Awards Sheena Macrae Best Sound Editing 1996 Nominee
Genie Awards Thomas Burstyn Best Cinematography 1996 Winner
Genie Awards Clyde Klotz Best Art Direction/Production Design 1996 Nominee
Genie Awards Dean Giammarco Best Sound 1996 Winner


Mark Harmon
as Jack Black
Joshua Jackson
as Joshua Black
Harley Jane Kozak
as Dr. Wanda Bell
Garreth Bennett
Thomas Cavanaugh
Brian Finney
Tamsin Kelsey
as Sheriff Stevenson
Morris Panych
as Mack Miller
David Rasche
Will Sasso
as Shy Young Orderly
Sarah Wayne
Morris Panych
as Mack Miller
Tamsin Kelsey
as Sheriff Stevenson
Will Sasso
as Shy Young Orderly


Rick Stevenson
Rick Stevenson
Tony Allard
Rick Stevenson
Thomas Burstyn
Allan Lee
Clyde Klotz
Art Director
Lisa Towers
Karen Murphy
Executive Producer
Monique Prudhomme
Costume Designer
Dean Giammarco
Sound/Sound Designer
Debra Zane
Stuart Aikins
Irving Mulch
Sound Editor
Jacqueline Christianini
Sound Editor
Sheena Macrae
Sound Editor
Marc Chiasson
Sound Editor
Bart Mixon
Creature Effects