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This lighthearted romantic melodrama about Bo (Sergio Castellitto), a weak-willed scriptwriter who falls in love with Francesca (Stefania Sandrelli), a tough, professional television director, does not quite blend the story, characters, and tone into an engaging whole. Bo is an aspiring scriptwriter when he first meets Francesca, and although they have a brief affair, she dismisses it as inconsequential while he remains steadfastly in love with her. Many years later, the two meet again -- and Bo still does not understand that whatever was between them for a brief time in the past is long gone. His "Sad Sack" misfortune and demeanor make him a hard sell as the erstwhile lead, while Francesca's cold-blooded response to life can hardly raise a viewer's sympathy, causing the film to lose ground between the two extremes. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, Rovi