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A twentysomething lesbian comes up with a scheme to win the affections of the uncooperatively heterosexual gal of her dreams. Greta (Tessa Well) is a baker who has a furious crush on her roommate, Cassandra (Karen Pang). However, their living arrangement is strictly platonic, and Cassandra, who is not attracted to women, doesn't know Greta is in love with her. Unable to keep her feelings to herself, Greta begins sending Cassandra flowers and love notes, but attributes the gifts to a fictional alter-ego, Jean-Pierre. In time, Cassandra becomes curious about this mysterious Frenchman who worships her from afar, and Greta comes up with a plan -- she persuades Yuri (Phillip Marzella) to pose as Jean-Pierre, take Cassandra out on a few dates, and then cruelly break things off with her. Greta figures that once Cassandra's heart has been broken, she'll be more open to the idea of finding solace in the arms of another woman, but her plan hardly works as she expected. Low Fat Elephants received its American premier at the 2001 L.A. Outfest, a festival of gay- and lesbian-themed films. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi