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Love Potion No. 9 Details


When it comes to love, Paul Matthews and Diane Farrow, two highly educated and talented scientists don't know a thing. Looking at their geeky demeanor's it's easy to see why. Despite the fact that both are neighbors, share the same interests and both are psychobiologists who study primates, neither is really aware of the other romantically until Paul, who is terribly shy around women, goes to gypsy Madame Ruth in desperation and asks for help. She reads his palm and tells him that he needs a woman; she then hands him Love Potion No. 8 which will attract women like flies to honey. This romantic comedy chronicles what happens to him (and Diane) when, after experimenting on animals, they decide to try it on themselves. Though the changes only last four hours per dose, they are truly remarkable and the two agree to separate for three weeks and then come back together to compare results. The time passes quickly and wonderfully for them and when they finally reunite both have changed for the better. Just for fun, they decide to go out with each other. They do not drink the potion, but still have a wonderful and passionate night. This leads Paul to propose to Diane. Unfortunately, she thinks she loves another, a man who is really more interested in exploiting the potion for money than he is in her. He ends up buying up all of Madame Ruth's latest batch. Paul goes back to her and explains his problem and that is when Ruth hands him the potent Love Potion No. 9, which can manifest true love. Quickly, he takes it and sets off to find Diane before she makes a terrible mistake. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

  • Release date:November 13, 1992


Tate Donovan
as Paul Matthews
Sandra Bullock
as Diane Farrow
Dale Midkiff
as Gary Logan
Mary Mara
as Marisa
Adrian Paul
as Enrico Pazzoli
Hillary Bailey Smith
as Sally
Dylan Baker
as Prince Geoffrey
Blake Clark
as Motorcycle Cop
Anne Bancroft
as Madame Ruth
Gary Watkins
as Secret Service Agent
Susan Fassig
as Cheryl's Friend
Frank Welker
as Special vocal effects
Kathryn Firago
as Woman in Bridesroom
Edith Ivey
as Church Lady
David Baer
as Marisa's Driver
Ric Reitz
as Dave
Chelsea Field
Rebecca Staab
as Cheryl
Virgil Beckham
as Riot Cop
Bruce McCarty
as Jeff
Esther Huston
as Mary
James Sbardellati
as Dino
Jennifer Hale
as Catty Woman
Lisa Coles
as Blonde at Bar
Libby Whittemore
as R.T. Moreno
Wendy Kurtzman
Victoria Tabaka
as Catty Woman
Ken Strong
as Dick Webster
Jordan Baker
as Joanne
Marc Gowan
as Priest
David Dwyer
as Riot Cop
Andra Millian
as Matron


Dale Launer
Dale Launer
Dale Launer
William Wages
Jed Leiber
Composer (Music Score)
Linda Pearl
Production Designer
Thomas Minton
Art Director
Sally Nicolaou
Set Designer
Sarah Burdick
Set Designer
Tim D'Arcy
Costume Designer