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Love Affair Details


The 1939 Irene Dunne-Charles Boyer romance Love Affair, remade with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr in 1957 as Deborah Kerr, became a vehicle for real-life couple Warren Beatty and Annette Bening in this 1994 rendition. The well-worn story remains the same, as a man and a woman, both engaged to other people, fall madly in love while traveling, indulge in a brief but intense affair, then agree to part and sort out their feelings. They are to meet again at the top of the Empire State Building if their feelings persist, but a series of unfortunate circumstances threatens to keep the lovers apart. Despite polished visuals and a time-tested narrative, this variation suffers in comparison to its two predecessors, not to mention the previous year's Annette Bening, which had drawn on Deborah Kerr for several of its most memorable sequences. It does features Katherine Hepburn's first film appearance in 13 years. ~ Judd Blaise, Rovi


Awarded by
American Society of Cinematographers Conrad L. Hall Best Cinematography 1994 Nominee


Warren Beatty
as Mike Gambril
Annette Bening
as Terry McKay
Katharine Hepburn
as Ginny
Garry Shandling
as Kip DeMay
Chloe Webb
as Tina Wilson
Pierce Brosnan
as Ken Allen
Kate Capshaw
as Lynn Weaver
Paul Mazursky
as Herb Stillman
Brenda Vaccaro
as Nora Stillman
Glenn Shadix
as Anthony Rotundo
Barry Miller
as Robert Crosley
Harold Ramis
as Sheldon Blumenthal
Rosalind Chao
as Lee
Frank Campanella
as Elevator Operator
Gary McGurk
as Waiter
Rosalind Allen
as Qantas Flight Attendant
Irene Olga Lopez
as Annie
Carey Lowell
as Martha
Elya Baskin
as Ship Captain
Ed McMahon
as Himself
Boris Krutonog
as Second Officer
Savely Kramarov
as Cable Officer
Lisa Edelstein
as Assistant at Studio
John Tesh
as Himself
Cylk Cozart
as Dr. Punch
Wendie Jo Sperber
as Helen
Tom Signorelli
as Cab Driver
Ray Girardin
as Wally Tripp
Robert Levine
as Dr. Kaplan
Michael Fischetti
as Street Man
Linda Wallem
as Lorraine
Oleg Vidov
as Russian Businessman
Herman Sinitzyn
as Russian Waiter
Helena Carroll
as Dorothy
James Pyduck
as Bell Captain
Marek Probosz
as Russian Sailor
Ray Charles
as Himself
John Hostetter
as Ben
Taylor Dayne
as Marissa
Mary Hart
as Herself
Dan Castellaneta
as Phil
Manu Tupou
as Rau
Meagen Fay
as SSA Flight Attendant
Rebecca Miller
as Receptionist
Jeffrey Nordling
as Lou


Glenn Gordon Caron
Glenn Gordon Caron
Warren Beatty
Warren Beatty
Robert Towne
Glenn Gordon Caron
Conrad L. Hall
Jim Tannenbaum
Musical Direction/Supervision
Ennio Morricone
Composer (Music Score)
Ferdinando Scarfiotti
Production Designer
Ed Richardson
Art Director
Mark Ovitz
Associate Producer
Andrew Z. Davis
Executive Producer
Daniel May
Set Designer
Al Manzer
Set Designer
James Murakami
Set Designer
Milena Canonero
Costume Designer
John Richardson
Special Effects
Jimmy Simons
First Assistant Director
Marion Dougherty
Zelda Barron
Consulting Producer
Mildred Cram
Short Story Author